Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Fitness

I am very happy with my weekly Fitbit report last night. I averaged over 10 000 steps per day for the week. Woo hoo. Go me.

I have only run twice in the last week. Once was on Sunday. It was my much anticipated first official 5 km run. Good news. I ran the whole way. I made it to the end and felt good. Bad news... due to the wet weather we had in the lead up to the event the course had to be changed and it was only 3.2 kms which was a bit disappointing for me as I was looking forward to my first official 5k event. Never mind. I along with over 1300 other people from babies to Grandmas completed the course, got covered in various coloured powder paint and had a good time. And I have photos to prove it.

At the start. The official photo

My photo of me. In getting my phone out to take this I dropped my license. Someone found it and it got announced at the start of the race that they had something of mine and to get it from the sign in office at the end of the race ... which meant an extra long walk for me cause it was not near the finish place.

With some of my friends at the start of the race. Only Fiona ran at all. She walked some of it too but still beat me home! (She's in dark shorts) The others walked.
Some of the other competitors at the start - some guys got really dressed up. Obviously I didn't

I ran the race pretty much at my own pace although the crowd did at times push me along and at other times slowed me down. Because I wasn't running with anyone I didn't stop to take photos at some of the photo booth type places. I didn't go for the "roll in the powder paint and get as messy as you can" activities either. I needed to get home asap, have a shower and get up to church as I was helping with the singing

my selfie at the end of the run

 The disadvantage of running on my own was I had no one to take photos of me in all my glory apart from the official after shot. Hence pictures of my arms... not really very flash
The official after shot

I made it to church half an hour late. Some of the others got there on time but they went in all their painty glory. Since I had to help with the singing felt that wasn't appropriate... and didn't want to spread powder paint everywhere.

My second run was Thursday morning when I ran 5k. I ran a different track this time, keeping to the streets. I wanted to see how far our "big" block walk was but realised that it was only about 3k so had to run on past the end of our street and add a few extra blocks on. Its good to have some alternative routes to try.

Whilst I haven't run much I have walked every day and sometimes - often twice a day. With our old dog not well and not long for this world I have not wanted to leave her too much. If I walk she can come too... in the stroller. The other dog loves all the extra walks. We go around the block most evenings (now the days are getting shorter we don't have time to do the river walk in daylight) and I take them down by the river most mornings. No more turtles this week but did see a kangaroo yesterday. It was way off in the distance so not sure you can see it in the photos

the roo is at the end of the road, near the water tower. You can see how much everything has greened up with the rain we had last week.

Weight Loss Progress
Super thrilled to get on the scales on Thursday and to have broken through 88kgs. I was 87.8 after my run so yes I was undoubtedly dehydrated but whatever... I had broken through it and am so pleased. I have been working hard to keep my fitbit stats up this week and its paid off. I don't tend to log my food because... well its a bit hard so just relying on working harder if I eat treats. I do want to track better... maybe this week. I have 7.8 kgs to go! (80 is my goal weight although officially I should get down to 75kgs but I haven't been that since I was a teenager so not hanging out for that)
 I have lost 12 kgs since my heaviest last June, when I was sick with Barmah Forrest Virus. 

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