Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

This week I have progressed two of my quilts.

Disappearing Into the Blue - my disappearing pinwheel quilt that I am making in blue fabrics for my spare bedroom. I only work on this on Wednesday at our quilt groups sewing day up at our sewing rooms. 

We got a new sign for our patchwork rooms today... cool eh?

Today despite having to reverse sew two full width of quilt seams, I eventually got all the rows of blocks put together. My first lot of reversing (unpicking) came when I realised that I had sewn one of the strips of sashing on the wrong way around. It is hard to tell with tone on tone white (especially when your eye sight isn't as sharp as it used to be) 
The white tone on tone of the sashing was a bit lighter than that in the blocks which made it easier to reverse. Grrr 1

No sooner had I reattached that correctly than I realised another mistake. In the whole quilt there are only two blocks made from the same fabric and you guessed it.... I had managed to get them side by side in adjoining rows. Not happy Jan (for non Aussie's reading this... that is a phrase from a television ad popular here a few years ago. The phrase has stuck even though the ad has long since moved on)
Mistake 2... identical blocks next to each other. Grrrr 2

By the time I was ready to leave I had all the rows put together and need only to attach the top and bottom sashing for the centre to be complete. I have pinwheels made for the first border and then plan on a piano key border as well so its still a way off being completed.

The quilt top centre... still missing the sashing off the sides

Sombrero Stars - SOMB Quilt 3. I worked on this over the week at home and am very pleased to be able to say that I got the top finished last night. Yay. Now to make the backing and get it quilted. I had a 2nd hand doona cover I was going to repurpose for this but have decided, in consultation with Fangirl (who came over this afternoon and helped me fix a few glitches in my blog set up) that the colour is not right. I have found some brown fabric that had been a mattress cover and some cream from a table cloth that was my mother in law's, which will be a better fit

Sombrero Stars top all done.


  1. Your quilts are beautiful, and what bad luck that out of all those blocks, 2 of them end up beside each other. Lovely shades of blue however, and the star quilt is fantastic as well. How lucky of you to have a weekly sewing group-sounds like fun.

  2. Beautiful! I especially love the sombrero stars - something about those pops of color.. they draw you in!

  3. Love that disappearing pinwheel! The blues are so beautiful.

  4. I enjoyed seeing the disappearing pinwheel quilt. I am getting ready to start my own. It is lovely.

  5. I love both these quilts! The sombrero stars especially - it would be a great use of those cute little mini charm packs I can't seem to resist. :D

  6. Absolutely beautiful quilts! I'm mad about anything blue so these both tick the box! :-) Well done!

  7. I don't know what that block is called, exactly, but that pinwheel/churndash combo looks fantastic -- what a great looking quilt that'll be!

    1. The block is Disappearing Pinwheel. It's from the Missouri Star Quilt company. If you search my blog using disappearing pinwheel you'll find the link to the video tutorial. There are two possible settings churn dash which I used and shoo fly