Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I haven't done any sewing this week. Nil Nixo Nothing.

I cut some 6.5" squares out of white and cream recycled fabric to use as signature squares for the backing of Not So Sombre Stars for Derek (note new name) These are for family and friends to sign and write messages on for our friend recently diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and currently undergoing chemotherapy in Brisbane. So far I have 4 signature pieces back. Will have to distribute some more and start naggin people to complete them and hand them in. I am wondering what to do with them. Was thinking of just doing signature blocks interspersed with other 6.5" squares of coloured fabric but have also contemplated making the blocks into more stars for the back of the quilt. It is going to depend largely on how many of the signature squares I get back.

I went up to patchwork today but didn't stay long... I came home and have been working on cutting up my scraps into usable sizes. I am planning on going through all my cupboards and having a good tidy up and sort out. I have decided to reorganise my cupboards completely so we will see how that goes. I am going to write out a new list of UFOs and projects that I have collected fabric for and see how that works out. I may even publish the list on my blog to keep it in front of me (and my readers) and see how that helps me

Should go and take some before photos so I can bask in the glory of the after shots even more. Or realise that yet again I just rearranged the deck chairs of a sinking ship. :)

Its been a week since Annie, our 9 year old dog died. Have felt her loss more keenly on a few occassions. Such as when we got home from our weekend away and there were only 2 happy yappy waggy dogs to greet us on our return. And when we walked the dogs last night and after we had dropped our day care dog home we only had one dog to walk back to our place. And this morning when only one dog came rushing out to greet me and get super excited when he realised that there was a walk on offer. 

Here's a token Annie photo since I don't have any pictures of quilts to show you today


  1. Oh poor you. It was terrible when my two went. I have two new babies to cuddle which definitely helps distract. Was Annie part cavvie?

  2. I'd vote for star blocks for the signature blocks... so much more interesting than plain squares. If there were too many for the front, you could make a feature stripe or patch with the leftovers on the back.

  3. Our pets have such unconditional love, a little bundle of happiness, Sorry for your loss

  4. So sorry for your loss of Annie. We lost Ben over a year ago and though we have 2 to distract us I still miss him. I love your idea of signature blocks, stars would be really nice to showcase them.