Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Stash Report- nothing ventured nothing gained

I think this is the first week since I started doing my stash report that I have nothing to report. Nothing finished nothing bought.

I am close to a finish on my Sombrero Stars. Well at least the Top is finished and I am close to finishing off the backing. Then I have to sandwich it and quilt it... owe... well... maybe NOT so close to a finish as I thought. Hopefully I will get it done this week. That is my plan.

I haven't bought any fabric this week. I did walk through Lincraft in the Myer Centre in Brisbane CBD on Friday morning but was strong and didn't even look properly. I didn't need anything so didn't buy anything and I was very proud of myself..

So my stats are the same as last week

Used                               0m
purchased                        0m

Used YTD                      53.06m
Purchased YTD              22.81m

Net usage YTD              30.25

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