Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wip Wednesday

I was very excited to have a finish to report on in my Stash report on Sunday (which didn't  get done till Monday....) Sombrero Stars was finally done earlier this week

Yesterday I started work on the last of my SOMB quilts which I have called Not So Sombre Stars. It is going to be very similar to the blocks in Sombrero Stars but will be a little larger. It has a 9 patch as the centre with flying geese units on all four sides. The flying geese will have a same sized rectangle attached to them and in the corners will be a large square, the same size as the centre square. I am thinking I won't sash these blocks as the stars will be floating already because the main unit of the flying geese, the rectangle and the corner squares will all be the same colour.

I should just show you a photo of a completed block and that would make it much simpler wouldn't it... just have to finish a block first. I have been working on the flying geese. Have made about half of the ones that I need (44 down... 36 to go)
(I have some photos but my phone won't talk to my computer for some reason and I can't download them... and my phone has a bubble on the screen so some of the buttons aren't working including the one with my photos in it so I can't upload them to facebook... oh its a sorry story  here!!)

Today at patchwork I worked some more on my Disappearing into the Blue quilt. I trimmed up all the pinwheel blocks for the first border (I am not fond of trimming my blocks) and then cut the strips to go between the blocks and assembled the border. The strips between the pinwheels are not going to be uniform in width... didn't want it to be too symmetrical and ordered. I have made them too big though so will have to cut down some of the strips. Unpicking is coming up. I don't like that either.

The banner we made for the visiting Sunflower Princess was completed this morning and gets presented tonight. I worked with some others in our group to cut the fabric last week and to sew the top on Thursday. I did the applique on both the front of the quilt and I also appliqued a sunflower onto the label for the back. Our town has a Sunflower Festival every Easter. A sunflower princess is selected from the entrants and her prize is a trip to Altona, Canada to take part in their Sunflower Festival. At their festival they select a princess and her prize is to come to Australia and take part in our Festival. The princess is given a gift by our Sunflower Festival committee, which for the last few years has been a quilted gift made by our group. It usually features a sunflower.

Dawn did the fabulous quilting. Just so gorgeous. She is a very clever lady

Some more of Dawn's beautiful quilting

Our group has also put up an exhibition in the Council Art Gallery. A number of my quilts are hanging there. I admit to getting quite a buzz about having them up there but need to admit that the display wasn't juried at all. We were all just asked to bring in quilts which in turn were hung up according the space available. Below are the quilts of mine that are hung at the gallery. I can't give names of all the quilts or the credit for patterns as the quilts with the labels are all at the gallery!

Square Circles... made at a workshop 

Pattern from the book "Quilts on the Double"

On left one of mine from book "Quilts on the Double" one on right made by the club to go to  neo natal ward

"Hands That Flung Stars Into Space"

The stitchery was a kit.

Some of the other quilts hanging in the gallery

I had to go over this afternoon to the art gallery to hang up a quilt that has our group name on it etc. When I got there I couldn't work out how to get it up in the space it needed to go. The mayor was wandering past and stopped to help me. Between us we found the bits and pieces we needed to get the quilt hung up where it needed to go. He was concerned as we had to take down another quilt to put it up and he was worried the person might get offended but I reassured him it was alright... it was one of mine! I didn't get a photo of me and the mayor hanging the quilt... I should have.

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  1. The quilting looks great on the sunflower quilt!