Friday, April 18, 2014

Fitness Friday

Not been a great week for me especially on the weight loss front. Basically... I haven't. sigh. Not tracking at all and enjoying a few good things too many. I have kept my weight to under 90 all week but bit disappointed with my self.

I have been managing too keep my steps up which is good. Had a few nights trotting about the house and one night I went trotting up and down the cul de sac in order to make my numbers. Sad but true.

Have only had one run this week and it was only 3.5kms I tried out the course that I will be running in the Mothers' Day Classic in a couple of weeks time. The course is actually a double circuit of the track and I only went once around so am going to try to get back there a few more times and run it in preparation.

We went shopping in Rockhampton last Friday and got myself a new pair of running shoes. That's always good. The flash has done funny things to the colour. The yellow is actually orange.

I have continued to walk the dogs most days although they are only get one walk a day this week as we have had special Easter Holy Week services at our church at 7 which we have made it to twice. The two nights I missed was because of the play we are rehearsing. I'm the prompt. Fangirl is directing it so I am helping out where I can. She's getting a bit stressed cause its not long till opening night and the cast is no where near ready.

Annie was doing pretty well up to the start of this week but has gone down hill rapidly since then. She is still eating a bit which is good. She is wheezing more and her belly has become very swollen again. Our youngest boy, her owner arrived home from university for the Easter break this morning. He will be able to have a few days with her and then I think we will have to decide to put her down before next weekend. We are all going to be away and I think that the timing will be better. Fixit Guy is on holiday next week so will be able to take care of burying her more easily.

I was feeling sad about her and talking to a friend before one of the services this week. The next day at the service a friend told us that her 31 year old son, whom we have known ever since we first came to town 25 years ago, was in hospital and the most likely diagnosis was going to be Hodgkins Lymphoma. That was a real shock. He is in Brisbane now having scans and biopsies etc. Kinda puts it all into perspective. Our dog is a very much loved member of our family BUT she is just a dog. We are all praying and hoping for the best for our mate.


  1. Love your new sneakers. Will be praying for you all this week as you give Annie your love and support.

  2. Not losing weight is still heaps better than putting weight on!
    I'll be thinking of you all with Annie. Our cat Minnie had to be put down at the vets while we were in Sydney one trip which was awful. Far better to say goodbye than have her go surrounded by strangers.