Friday, October 24, 2014

Fitness Friday. Back on track

My Fitbit stats are back on track! Yay. Finally got passed that Thursday with the very low steps that dragged my 7 day figures down. So now I am back up the rankings and whilst still way behind Fixit Guy (darn those little legs that have to take extra steps to cover the same ground as me. Yeah and he is more active but I have to have something to blame) Sam and Terje, I have caught and passed most of the other people whose steps are usually less than mine.

Last Friday we packed up from my sister's home outside Newcastle and drove to Lane Cove National Park camping site which is in the middle of Sydney but with bush all around. We set up camp and I got my steps up with a combination of setting up camp and a bit of jogging on the spot Steps 10 110

Saturday my steps were gained in a much more fun way. We went to see The King and I at the Sydney Opera House (do go to a show there if you ever have a chance. A matinee show means you get the wonderful views but at night you get city lights and the Harbour Bridge alight as well so that is good) and that took some walking from car park to restaurant and to the show itself and back again. We also met up with a sister for dinner and due to a mix up (she gave me the wrong address initially) and then atrocious parking where we eventually did meet up we had a heap of walking to do there Steps 10 077

Sunday we weren't required to do much walking going to church or dinner at my brothers although we also went to the shopping centre just up the road from where mum lives. It has been extended yet again and is now massive. Trying to find our way around that added some steps but I still had to do some jogging on the spot at night to get my 10 000 steps in Steps 10 020

Monday was a pretty quiet day. I visited mum at her hostel and met another sister for lunch and spent more time with mum in the afternoon so steps were well down. We had dinner with yet another sister (I have 5 plus 2 brothers) Lots of walking about the campsite and jogging on the spot required! Steps 11 448

Tuesday we had lunch with mum and then in the evening we caught the train into the city and went to see Potted Potter. What a hoot. We really enjoyed it. We had to walk to the station and then from the city station to the theatre and then the reverse home so lots of steps acqured in a fun way. We stopped and had a deliscious desert and hot chocolate on the way home for a late dinner (and we shared a chicken salad as well) so undid all the good we had done no doubt. Steps 16 021

Wednesday we packed up the camp and left Sydney to come to Morton National Park, to a campsite near the little town of Bundanoon called Gambell's Rest. Morton National park is huge. Fixit Guy had a big sleep in the afternoon as he had a headache so we didn't try to go for a walk at all. Whilst he slept I paced around the camp kitchen area and got my steps up. I didn't want to go for a walk without telling him and I didn't want to wake him up to tell him I was going! Steps 12 575

Thursday we went for a big walk down into the gully to Bundanoon Creek. The sign at the top of the walk and the information at the info centre described it as "steep", "very step" and "not for the faint hearted" so we knew it was going to be challenging. And it was but doable. We made it there and back again. We were prepared to take lots of rest stops and not to push too hard but we did it in well under the advised time of 3 hours. After a rest in the middle part of the day (I tried to sleep but gave up and did some sewing instead.) we went for a shorter walk from the campsite to an old coal mine site. Erith Coal Mine. Since Fixit Guy has just retired from the coal industry after over 30 years we had to go see it. No need for any extra stepping to get our 10 000 yesterday. Steps 13 322

Friday again today. We were going to go for a few short walks this morning before meeting friends for lunch but it started to rain so we hung about the camp instead relaxing and I got photos uploaded from my camera. Then we met our friends for lunch at Kangaroo Valley, a very pretty little town with lots of cute shops and cafes - very much a little country town that the tourists visit on weekends. Lots of b'n'bs in the area and weekend cottages. A place that city folk "get away to" for weekend retreats. After a yummy lunch in the pub we walked about the village and then after our friends left we had an icecream - homemade... they were so good. Back to the camp we had to walk off our excesses. We did a series of 4 shorter walks. We had been going to do one of the longer ones but opted to see a little of a lot rather than a lot of a little.

ABanksia Man - eating an icecream cone!

My 7 day total as of right now is 85, 050 which has me 4th behind Terje, Samantha and Doug

I have done no running - apart from some jogging on the spot and jogging around the clearing on Wednesday for a few minutes at a time. Nothing flash. And the diet. We are on holidays! I have no scales. I am hoping that by keeping up my daily steps that the extra indulgences I am having won't be too disastrous. I can only live in hope.

a lyre bird, the emblem for NSW Parks and Wildlife, on the track coming back from Bundanoon Creek

Fairy wren about out camp. The females are a drab brown but the males have beautiful blue plumage There have been quite a few of these about out campsite. Also some very colourful red and blue parrots but I haven't been quick enough with my camera to capture those

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  1. Lovely pictures--thanks! And great work on the steps!