Thursday, October 9, 2014

WIP on Thursday

The week has slipped by and Wednesday has come and gone and I didn't get to do my WIP Wednesday post so here it is on Thursday

Camping Holiday
After a delayed start to the camping part but not the holiday, we are at last camping at the beach at Maroochydore. We have our camper trailer set up, awnings all pegged out. We can't actually see the sea from here but we couldn't be any closer, There is a small sand hillock with some trees on it between us and the beach. We can hear the waves and can be on it in about 30 secs so its pretty good. I only have a couple of days to enjoy it really as from tomorrow night I am in meetings. Synod starts with a worship service and the induction of the new Moderator. Then Synod itself gets underway from 8.30AM tomorrow and runs through till 9PM Saturday to Tuesday (we get Sunday evening off actually) and then 8.30-3PM on Wednesday so pretty full on. We are a about 2 km from the venue so will walk up there each day and that will get me a few steps on what will otherwise be intense but sedentary days.

We got a text message on Tuesday at midday to say that the camper trailer was repaired which was wonderful. Fixit Guy picked it up yesterday whilst I was enjoying a day at the Brisbane Craft Fair. I then caught the train to Nambour and he picked me up from there. He had got to Maroochydore and had set the trailer up before coming to get me.

Brisbane Craft Fair
I caught the bus into the city and was able to spent 4.5 hours wandering around the craft fair, checking out the stalls and also the magnificent quilts on display at the Quilt show.

 Wow. There are some talented people out there. As it was 30 years since the Queensland QUilt Guild had been formed they had a special display of past winners of the quilt show so extra stunning quilts on show in places.  I was super excited to see a gorgeous quilt by my friend Peggy not only on display but winning a ribbon too... she
Peggy with her quilt "Jerry's Owl" (Peggy's photo)

Peggy's Ribbon and award

I also got to have a coffee with Peggy as she was working at the show and we ran into each other in the lunch area. Yay. Bonus. I missed out on catchin up with my Sister in Law Christine due to me having the wrong phone number for her which was disappointing.

I also saw Podcaster Charlotte Scott aka The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady's dragonfly quilt hanging in the special exhibition there too. Woot. Got super excited then too. I was talking to the curator and she was very knowledgeable about Charlotte (I think she listens to the podcast too) and as she said "Our Quilts will travel where we can never go".

Summer Dragonfly - Charlotte Scott

I didn't go crazy at the stalls. My most expensive purchase were some buttons for a pattern that I bought. They cost more than the pattern. I was a bit shocked.The pattern is a Scarlett and Grace Design called Road to Bethlehem by Meredith Griffiths 

My other little bits and pieces purchases included some pigma pens, scissors snips and unpicker, a bundle of rotary cutting blades and some threads. No fabric that I would have to count in my stash report though. I have trained myself to only buy fabric that I have a particular project in mind for. Its a 

Jean's Jean Quilt
I finally got to start sewing on this. I got it all prepped to go on this holiday and it has been so hard holding off working on it till we started. But now I get to work on it. I did some sewing whilst we were at our sons' place. First though I had to do some mending. Jeans would you believe. One pair couldn't be fixed but I sacrificed it to mend the other pair.

Then I got to work on the Jean's quilt!  Joined heaps of circles in pairs

 and then joined pairs in pairs and then added the centres

Its trickier than it looks and things aren't lining up perfectly but as with lots of quilting projects I've been fudging it a bit and it is coming together okay. So far I have made 11 of these 4 circle blocks and have about 80 pairs of circles joined. 

Tea Shop Quilt
Another project that I have been saving up and having finally got to start. Did a little bit of applique in the car coming down and a bit more in the train yesterday.  I expect to get heaps more done in the next week with all the meetings I will be involve with. Stay tuned.

Just one of the many blocks I have for this quilt

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