Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Cat Wall Hanging

I bought this pattern as a kit at the first Craft Show I ever went to. It was in Brisbane and happened to be on when I had to go down to Brisbane for a special Synod for the Queensland UCA Synod for which I was a representative for the Presbytery I belong to. It was most fortuitous as Synod paid my airfares, a friend from Synod offered me accommodation and I got to go to the show and see my son (Massage Man) all in the same visit. BONUS

I loved the funny sayings on each of the squares. The black work embroidery was fun to do. Originally the background was white but the border fabric, which I had found at a travelling fabric shop, known as the Big Red Bus which frequents various craft shows and festivals in country Queensland, had a creamy background. I was encouraged by fellow quilters at a retreat I went to, to try tea dying the embroidery. I was very tentative doing this but it worked well and I was happy with the results. Originally I had also been going to use the design in the whole piece it came in but again encouraged by the fellow retreaters I cut it up into individual designs which I then sashed and put back together. I was so happy with the end result. It now hangs in my sewing room and sometimes gets moved out to my foyer area.

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