Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday

This week I have been involved in the meetings of the Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church. I am a representative. The sessions have run from 8.30AM till 8.30PM Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Sunday we finished at 6 and Wednesday we finish at 3 so its been pretty full on. Of course we have plenty of breaks for meals and morning and afternoon tea but even so... full on. 

Teashop Quilt

I have been able to do a lot of handwork and have made great progress on appliques for my Tea Shop Quilt. I have completed the two larger blocks that I had prepped and quite a few smaller ones too.

I am glad that I bought the patterns, extra fabric and vlisofix with me so I can make some more blocks as I am getting through these at a great pace. I might end up with enough for a couple of wall hangings. 

Jean's Jean Quilt
I have been making steady progress on my denim circles quilt. I heard it described as a mock cathedral window somewhere and that works too. I had a big day earlier in the week (well the week since I last wrote my WIP) Thursday I think it was... or maybe Friday. I got all the circles that I had cut out and marked with the 5" square internally, sewn together into either 4 unit blocks (56 of them) or 2 unit blocks (15 of them) plus a single. Actually I have more than that because I had made more than I needed for this quilt. We shall see how this goes. I might make the quilt larger or make something else. I also got them pressed which was good... pressed the leaves of the circles open which made it easier to add the coloured fabrics. I have also completed 22 blocks completely ie with the fabric added and zigzagged around. I have made the effort each morning before heading out to the day's meetings to sew some of these units. Its been great. As I say I have 22 done and have also pinned about another 8 ready for me to sit down at and zig zag around. I am really loving the look of the zigzag coming through on the back. The flower effect on the front is being echoed on the back. 

Meetings finish for me at 3 and then Fixit Guys and I are heading south. Not sure how far we will get before we get too tired and need to stop We are going to motel it that night. Hoping to make it to Lismore. My cousin whom I haven't seen for years lives there and we are hoping to link up. 

Then Thursday we are going on to my sister's place near Newcastle for one more night before we head into Sydney on Friday and staying at Lane Cover River National Park We get to stay put there till the following Wednesday.
 We are going to be staying with powered sites so that is good. I might get some more sewing done there in between visiting my mum in her aged care hostel, catching up with other family members and  going to the theatre. We will be going to see "The King and I"  We are taking my mum and my other mum to see it and I am really looking forward to it. 

We are also booked in to see Potted Potter.
 Here is a blurb about it.

PLAYING TO SOLD OUT HOUSES all over the world, POTTED POTTER takes on the ultimate challenge of condensing all seven Harry Potter books (and a real life game of Quidditch) into seventy hilarious minutes. This fantastically funny show features all your favourite characters, a special appearance from a fire-breathing dragon, endless costumes, brilliant songs, ridiculous props and a generous helping of Hogwarts magic!

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