Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - and our camping trip

Another nil all draw here this week. Nothing in nothing out.

I didn't even get to work on very much during the week. I did get all the disappearing hourglass blocks made for my Vanishing Hours quilt - eventually - having made and then unpicked the pinwheels blocks I had made by mistake. The blocks for that are now all packed up into their own little plastic box and await my return from our camping holiday in 10 weeks. I did bring the left over bits and pieces to work on the border for the quilt should I get to it.

I am not sure if I will be able to resist fabric whilst I am away as I may call in on the occasional local quilt shop should we happen to pass by any. And this week I just may get to the Brisbane Craft Show since it starts on Wednesday whilst we are still in Brisbane. When I travel I do sometimes buy fabric as my souvenirs for my trip but I usually collect to a theme of for a particular project. Since I am trying to NOT buy fabric unless it is for a project I am not sure if I am going to be able to resist or not. I don't have a project on the boil that I need fabric for so we shall see how it all goes.

This week's figures are the same as last week
Used this week:                               0.00m

Added this week                              0.00m

Year to Date Used                       123.13m
Year to Date added                      90.82m
Net Used                                          32.31m

Our camping trip started yesterday morning when we headed out from home with our camper trailer attached and 2 of our offspring on board. We were taking Fangirl to Brisbane with us to go to a show and returning Boyo to Brisbane after his mid semester break for university. Everything went well till just after lunch. We were only 19 kms down the road from our lunch stot when we broke a spring in our camper trailer.

The broken spring hanging down under the trailer

Great. An hour and a half's wait and the tow truck arrived to take our camper trailer back to a workshop to get it fixed.

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We were able to continue on with our trip to Brisbane as we needed to be here for commitments today. Not to mention that we had free accommodation in Brisbane and not in Chinchilla. We are staying with our sons in the town house we own and can stay here till our camper trailer is fixed. Not sure how long that will take. Its a long weekend here in Queensland so the mechanics workshop won't be open till Tuesday. Then they will have to order in the parts and hopefully that will be able to get there the next day and so maybe it will be fixed that afternoon. Who knows. Our next commitment is Friday when I am a representative at the Uniting CHurch Queensland Synod. It starts Friday evening and runs through till Wednesday in the following week.

A ray of sunshine. I will be able to go to the Craft Fair. Fixit Guy even suggested that I go to it whilst he goes to pick up the trailer if its fixed on Wednesday. What a man
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Not a great start to our camping adventure but could be far worse. Heard today from a friend whose daughter and family were heading out on a long awaited camping holiday and they weren't far out of town when they wrecked their car. Its a right off. Our trailer is totally fixable.

How has your week been? Hope its been more successful than mine

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  1. Sounds like your trip will be full of fun adventures once your camper is ready to go. Have fun and enjoy buying your souvenirs!

  2. Just make Lemonade from all the lemons Life sent. Sounds like Mr. fix-it has lots so sugar to sweeten it! Have a great camping adventure.

  3. I am glad you weren't in the middle of nowhere. Having a place to stay is great, too. I think you buy pretty fabric. If making new acquisitions really bothers you then stick to FQs. It is a good souvenir and will come in handy later. Besides think of all the small businesses you will be supporting. Hope the rest of the trip is uneventful.

  4. Sorry about the camper, that's not an auspicious way to start your holiday.