Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Quilt Goals

Sandy from Quilting for the Rest of us podcast had a challenge at the beginning of the year asking us to come up with 3 quilty resolutions for the year. Well instead of being resolutions they were monkeys on our backs - things we wanted to get done. Each quarter we have the chance to report in on our progress.

My Three were

1 Make a quilt for my great nephew Lukas. He was born in August and I was overseas and since I got back just haven't managed to get to it.

2. Sort my stash to get out all my little bits out of the stash and into my scrap bins cut into the sizes that I use

3.Sort through my 2nd hand fabrics or repurposed fabrics and get them into usable piles.

These were all achieved by the end of April and since then I have been coming up with monthly resolutions 

October Goals
We will be travelling for the next couple of months so don't expect to get through as much sewing. However hope to work on a few

1) Work on my Jean's Jeans Quilt
2)Finish all the blocks for Vanishing Hours
3)Finish prepping Hand work on Tea Shop Quilt. Cut all the squares for the appliques squares. Start work on it
4)Make some mini quilts as gifts.
5) Practice some of the stuff from Photography class on Craftsy

That should do it!

What are your Quilty Resolutions
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