Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Vanishing Hours
I decided after considering my options to not use sashing on this disappearing hourglass quilt. I would therefore need some extra blocks so I set about making another 10 blocks for the quilt. I decided to make another 14 so that I could take out some of the blocks that weren't working so well out. I made the half square triangle blocks using the 4 at a time method. On Monday I got a great go on and put all the triangles together. I was making great time. I cut up my first block and then when I was contemplating the cut up pieces trying to remember how to make the disappearing hourglass block I realised... I had made them into pinwheel blocks instead of hourglass blocks. Arghh. I had 14 perfect pinwheels.

I had cut one up so that one had to be a disappearing pinwheel. It is going to have to go on the back

 I spent the next few hours unpicking the remaining 13 and putting them together again as hourglass blocks.What a total pain AND waste of time. As I was cutting them up ready to rearrange for the disappearing bit I made a mistake and measured incorrectly. So now I have a wonky block. Another one for the back
Wonky block... I rather like it actually

I got them finished up the remaining 12 today. So I can only swap out two from the front. The extras will also go onto the back. On the good side I still have 4 extra blocks on the back!

I won't have time to work on putting them together before I go away and I am not taking them with me because they are cream and not really suitable for camp sewing. I have got the bits and pieces left over from the blocks that I will make into a piano key border for the quilt. I might also work on some hourglass blocks for the other border.

Tea Shop Quilt. 
I have worked out a design for this quilt. I drew it up on graph paper with each square being 4" block. I worked out a combination of blocks to put it together - a mixture of 16" 12" 8" and 4" square blocks, as well as 4"x8", 4"x12" and 4"x16". I worked out  how many I needed of each size and then how many I had already, with applique already prepped on it. I cut up some cream backgrounds in the required sizes and also cut some out of the fabrics I had collected to go into the quilt - featuring cups, cakes and other tea shop fabrics. I haven't put the appliques on the background pieces but have instead prepped some of the fabric so that I can cut out pictures from the fabric and applique them on when I need them. I have also got the patterns with me that I can make some more of them if I want.

Packing for Camping.
Fixit Guy and I leave on Saturday for an 8-10 week camping holiday. So we are rather busy getting ourselves organised for that. The trailer is basically packed and ready to go. We just have to add our food. We have almost packed our clothes as well... just a few more things to put in. Importantly I have been organising my crafts to take with me. I have most of myself packed up and organised. Now we have to fit them into the car! I told FG that the stuff I have in my pile are non negotiable! When we leave here we will also have Boyo and Fangirl with us. So the car will be a bit more crowded. We are taking them to Brisbane with us. Boyo has been home for mid term break and we are taking him back to university. Fangirl is coming with us because the 4 of us are going to see Spamalot on Sunday. She will fly back home for work on Monday.

Brisbane is our first stop on our holiday. As well as going to see Spamalot we will be catching up with our other son and his partner, Kombi Boy and Gamer Girl. We will be doing some repairs to the townhouse the boys live in including getting them a new fridge. Hopefully we will catch up with some other friends and... I get to go to the Brisbane Craft show for one day. Yay.

We will be heading up the coast after a few days and then I will be attending the Uniting Church in Australia's Queensland Synod meeting.

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  1. Have a wonderful trip! And I love your wonky block, too!

  2. Yip - I think you need to add a wonky disappearing hour glass quilt to the list - I might even like the wonky version better than the straight one. Your trip sounds amazing - have fun!

  3. I personally really like your wonky block. You should send a pic to Jenny!