Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Musings - October Goals check in

We are 2/3s the way through October so time to check in on my monthly goals. Always good to do this to see how I am travelling. I had 5 this month.

1) Work on my Jean's Jeans Quilt

I've been working pretty steadily on this since we left home on October 3rd. I've had a big day or two working on it but mostly its been for just snatched time here and there, especially over Synod. I have finished over 40 of the 4 circle blocks. The remaining 16 (or so) blocks are ready to have the coloured squares to them. Once they are all done they have to be sewn together.
2)Finish all the blocks for Vanishing Hours
I have left this project at home so haven't touched it since early on but I have a feeling that I did complete the  blocks  for the extra row both ways that I added to the quilt when I decided to go without sashing

3)Finish prepping Hand work on Tea Shop Quilt. Cut all the squares for the appliques squares. Start work on it

I got all the blocks ready to go and so far in the trip I have managed to finish all the blocks that I had ready to go. I have also prepped a heap more to keep me occupied for the handwork time while I am away

4)Make some mini quilts as gifts.

You know, I have no idea what I had in mind when I put this in as a goal. No idea at all and so have not done anything along these lines. If I work out what I meant I might get something done but not so far

5) Practice some of the stuff from Photography class on Craftsy

I am ashamed to admit that so far this trip I have taken very few photos and what I have taken have been on my phone. Oops. Going to have to try to sort out my good camera at some point. I have my little one here too but its flat atm so  need to get it charged. Oh dear

So I would say I'm running at about half strength for the month. 3 goals completed but the other 2... yeah. Ok. 

So I have fessed up. What about you? What are your goals for this month? Did you set any? How are they running

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