Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Stash Report

No fabric purchased and no projects finished again this week. To me the good news is that I am holding firm and not buying fabric that I don't have a project for just because it is there. Of course this resolve has been assisted by the fact that I haven't gone into a fabric shop this week... but think of the resolve there as well

I have been busy sewing though. My hand stitching at the meetings I attended kept up a pace to the extent that I finished off all of the applique pieces that I had prepared for this trip.

 I was very pleased then that I had the foresight to pack the materials I needed to make some more blocks. I had ironed the backing onto some fabric at home that featured cups, mugs, cakes, coffee pots and tea pots (from an assortment of fabrics) I had also cut out the backing fabric to the appropriate sizes) so whilst staying at my sister's overnight Thursday I was able to cut out the various items and iron them onto the backing fabric all ready for the times when I will need hand projects on this trip, such as when we are in National Parks camping without electricity (or internet!!) or when I'm sitting with my mum in her hostel room. It is lovely to just sit and stitch with her there and share some quiet time together.

I have also been working on my Denim circles quilt "Jean's Jeans" As of last night I have 35 of the four unit blocks done. I have another 6 pinned and ready to sew. I decided to sew the 2 unit blocks that I needed to make onto the 4 unit blocks as they will be easier to manage that way. I have pinned them and will join them before I add the colour squares to them. I also worked out that the corner one which was going to need 2 of the 2 unit blocks sewn to them will be made into a 9 unit block instead.

It sounds silly and confusing but makes sense to me and that is good. It would be very sad if I wasn't even making sense to me. I might get some photos taken to add to this and that will make it clearer. I have made such great progress on this quilt that I feel it might get finished on this trip. In fact it probably will get finished... almost definitely. There is no quilting as it is quilt as you go. I didn't put any batting in behind the coloured squares as the message I was getting from people is that denim quilts are really heavy and don't need it. I hope it is warm and not just heavy.

my sewing space in the camper trailer

So my unchanged stats for this week are

Used this week:                               0.00m

Added this week                              0.00m

Year to Date Used                       123.13m
Year to Date added                      90.82m
Net Used                                          32.31m

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