Monday, September 29, 2014

Wrapping up my September Monthly Goals

Only one more day of September to go so time to review how I went with my September Goals

1) Jeans quilt. The circles are all cut and 190 of them have the 5" square traced onto them. I want to get the other 65 circles marked and the 255 5" squares selected. Completed

2) Finish tracing off the applique pieces for the tea shop quilt. Select fabric and get the applique ironed onto background fabric ready for our trip. Sort out embroidery threads to take with us. Completed apart from sorting out the threads. I have worked out a design for the quilt and will be able to work out what extra blocks I need to make, hopefully tomorrow and get them packed for our trip

3) continue working on Disappearing Hourglass Vanishing Hours quilt. I completed 30 blocks which I thought would be enough with sashing but have since decided to do a different arrangement without sashing so needed to make another 10 blocks. I have completed two and have the other hour glass blocks made. Still have to cut them up and remake them into the disappearing aspect

4) put together the quilt that is currently on my design wall. The Orphan Block Quilt - Orphan Annie is completed

5) Do that Photography class on Craftsy. I have rewatched parts of this class. I have found my disk for my camera and starting to make work of understanding it. Not got far but have started.

6)  So Make curtains as required for Fangirl's townhouse. Completed! She moved in Friday (well that was the first night she slept there. She had the keys from Wednesday) The curtains were all hanging by then although she then decided she needed another sheer curtain for a window that she had previously thought that she would just have a block out curtain on so we got that done Saturday. They really are very basic curtains but she is happy with them.

So with just one day left in the month I can say I have covered all my goals for September. Well the Craftsy class isn't complete but have worked on it a bit

Now to work out what I want to accomplish for October. How are your goals for the year coming along?

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  1. The curtains look great!!! Good luck with October goals!