Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday – Blue and Yellow Quilt

When I first started quilting I joined an online quilting group called Southern Cross Quilters, a group especially set up for Australian and New Zealand quilters. To be a member of these groups you had be either living in one of those countries or an expat from one of those countries currently living abroad.

I enthusiastically joined in lots of swaps and joined various groups. One was a birthday swap group. People who signed up for this swap were put into a number of different groups with the aim being to have a spread of months of the year.  The sign up included not only your name address and date of birth (month and day only. We didn’t have to confess the year LOL) but also your colour preferences. Everyone in the swap received this information and we posted off two fat quarters in the person’s colour choices to arrive around their birthday. 

My colour choices were yellow and blue. We had recently redecorated our rumpus room in these colours and I thought I would make a nice quilt to go in the room.
In due course my swaps arrived and eventually I chose a pattern that I thought would make a nice quilt in these colours. The pattern was in a magazine (or was it a book… hmmmm) I had to make a template (just one) and all the fabric had to be cut up according to this template which was what I call a picket fence shape… a rectangular shaped block at the bottom with a right angled triangle on top. I cut up all the suitable fabric from my birthday stash.

 Life got busy, someone asked to borrow some magazines and books, I lent them, got them back eventually but by this time I had forgotten where the pattern was and even WHAT the pattern was. The cut up shapes were packed away in a plastic ziplock bag and basically forgotten about.

Fast forward to 2011 or 12 when I started my UFO challenge. These pieces were part of my UFO list. I couldn’t find the pattern… not knowing what it was like didn’t help at all. So I designed a new pattern all by my self and set about making a quilt. Back then I didn’t have a design wall – I had a design floor.

 My cats didn't always help the process.

 Eventually I got the quilt made. I had to cut some more yellow fabric as for some reason I had way more blue. I had cut some of the blue ones the wrong way around. These were ones that got trimmed up for some of the shorter shapes I needed for the design.

 I was very happy with how it turned out. At some point when going through my magazines  ripping out the patterns that I liked and thought I would use I came across the original pattern. I liked the original a lot and thought that I might try to make it again… although once again I have lost the pattern. It should be in my saved patterns so I should be able to find it without much difficulty… one day perhaps.

Quiltin Jenny


  1. Another yellow and blue fan here, and I love this quilt! You did a great job, especially for not having a pattern.

    It looks like you have finished a lot of UFOs - wish I could say the same! Way to go and thanks for linking up!

  2. Blue and yellow is my favorite color combo! I really love the pattern you used. It's beautiful.

  3. Second try here. (Commenting from an iPad can be tricky sometimes!)
    This quilt is gorgeous! I can't imagine that the original could be any prettier!