Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday Stash update... updated on Monday

My wonderful Fixit Guy who is a bit of an Excel Expert... well better than me anyway... played with my Fabric Tracking Spreadsheet. Now the various columns add themselves up when I click in them.... I don't understand how he did it but he did. Its great and no longer do I have to add up the amounts myself using the calculator on the phone or computer. In the process of fiddling with it he has come up with some other figures to what I had and sadly my fabric usage has decreased. Mental arithmetic is obviously not my strong point.

So my new figures for this week are as follows

Used this week:                            1.28m

Added this week                               0m

Year to Date Used                      122.28m
Year to Date added                      76.39m
Net Used                                        45.89m

That's a drop of 5m on what I thought that I had. Never mind. Hopefully we are on track now and there will be no further adjustments necessary.

On a sewing front... I have now cut all the circles that I need for my denim quilt and have the 5" squares drawn in them as well. That means I have completed the first of my September goals. :) Not bad for the first day of the month.

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  1. Good luck with your Excel program. Anything that helps with keeping track of In & Out is a benefit. Good Hubby ;>)!