Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - a couple of little finishes

I surprised myself this week with a couple of finishes that I wasn't expecting at all. Earlier on in the week I made 2 new cloths for the head of my steam mop. I made them out of towelling. One was an old towel my husband had from before we were married and the other was from some towelling my aunt had in her things that I was given when I helped her daughter-in-law clean out her things after her death. (I talked about making them in this blog post)

I also made a postcard for a Fall swap organised by Sandi@QuiltcabanaPatterns That shouldn't have been unexpected as I knew it was coming up however it suddenly hit me that I would need to get the postcard finished before I left for our camping trip so I had to speed things up a bit. Still can't show you pictures of the finished product as my swap partner won't have received it yet (waves to Nonnie) However as soon as she lets me know that it has arrived safely I will post my pictures. I was rather pleased with how it turned out.

It was hard to calculate fabric used in these two projects as neither of them was straight sided but I did a bit of a guesstimate on them and came up with .57m for the mop heads and .28 for the postcard so the grand total used was .85m

No fabric bought... no surprise packets in the mail of forgotten Massdrop purchases so my YTD figures are

Used this week:                               0.85m

Added this week                              0.00m

Year to Date Used                       123.13m
Year to Date added                      90.82m
Net Used                                          32.31m

Fangirls curtains are hung and looking good. She decided she needed another sheer curtain in a window that faces the street. Its at the top of the stairs and gives a lot of natural light to the stairs and the hallway upstairs. She had a heavier curtain that would be good there at night and in the afternoon when the westerly sun streams in but needed the sheer curtain as well to give her privacy during the day. I just have to shorten it for her and my curtaining duties are DONE. I wasn't able to get decent photos of the other curtains I've completed due to the light coming in the windows but it is good to have the done and Fangirl is pleased with them so all good.

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  1. Looks like you had a good week and a good year. Being in the black is an achievement that continues to elude me.