Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - Zippo

Its been another nil all draw here this week. Nothing in nothing out. I think this is going to be the case for the next 3 months as we will be travelling for 10 weeks and whilst I will keep busy (my sewing machine is coming with us) I doubt I will get anything finished. But since I might visit a few quilt shops whilst travelling I guess I could get a few purchases. I am going to have to make sure purchases stay well below 30m so I end the year in positive territory!

Used this week:                                0m

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Year to Date Used                      122.28m
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I have been working on a couple of projects but none are completed. 

Vanishing Hours had all the blocks that I was planning on making done but now I am contemplating whether or not to add sashing between the blocks, which was my original plan in order to make the top big enough (it will have a series of borders as well) however now I am wondering if I should just make more blocks to extend it by a row in each direction (would need to make 10 blocks as currently have 32 blocks - its 5x6 blocks  plus two extras. 6x7 rows would need 42 blocks) I just can't decide. Currently its on my display board without borders and I do like to little hour glasses that have formed in each corner where the blocks meet.
Then I spread them out a bit and see what it would look like if it had sashing. Can't get the full affect cause my design board is not big enough but I could get an idea. Still not sure which I prefer though

Orphan Annie (my default name for my orphan block quilt) is at a standstill. The top is done. Now I have to make a backing. But am undecided there. Was thinking about giving it to a dear friend in which case I would use minky as she loves the feel of that but really think there is another quilt I have in mind for her so this is as yet unclaimed. So it can have a non minky backing. Just have to organise it

I have at last started working on the applique quilt that will feature all things tea shop, using the applique patterns I ordered from the UK. I got three separate patterns and they are designed to be miniature quilts and a tea cosy but I am making them up as a quilt. Not sure what I am going to do with it in the end but it is fun making it meanwhile. At the moment what I have been doing is the preparation for stitching ie tracking the patterns out on fusible webbing, choosing my fabric and fusing the shapes to the background. This is my hand project for whilst we are travelling. I am going to take the patterns with me and some scraps of fabric plus cut up pieces of the background so I can make myself more as we go along. I am not sure how many more I can get done before I leave and I don't want to run out of hand sewing whilst I am away.

I do need to get one finish before I leave. I have to make my postcard for the postcard swap that Sandi @ quiltcabanapatterns is running. I haven't started it yet. Its a bit tricky for me cause part of me wants to do something uniquely Australian but where I live in Australia we don't really get much difference in our seasons. And we are now in Spring anyway but I will think of something soon.

I will also get another big finish shortly before I leave. Curtains for Fangirl's new home. However since I didn't count the fabric in I can't really count the fabric out now can I. Can't get them finished though until I actually get them started so better get off the computer and get sewing!

Hope you have managed to get some sewing done this week and even a finish or two!

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  1. I think I'm loving the look of the Vanishing Hours with sashing! You are really busy this month.