Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday
Straight Circles
This quilt was made at a workshop run by  Sandi Corrie. She had designed the pattern based on a mosaic tile pattern she had seen. It is made up of triangular pieces arranged in circles. The sides are all straight but gives the illusion of being curved. The pattern also creates an sensation of motion. The designer, Sandi Corrie, has a daughter who gets motion sickness and Sandi said she has to take the quilt down when her daughter visits because it causes her to get seasick.

This is a quilt which remained a UFO for many years.I completed the centre motif not all that long after the workshop but didn't get the top made for ages. I was somewhat intimidated by the finished quilts of some of the other members of our group. 3 of the ladies made the most beautiful quilts with lavishly complicated settings and surroundings. I  had started to make a very simple finish and then thought no, I should do something more special for such a complicated and challenging design. 

So it sat, not done for a number of years. Until I hit my “UFO busting” year. I decided done is better than not done and so I returned to my original simple design and got the quilt done! Since then it has hung at  two quilt displays our group has put on and has garnered lots of positive comments. I am very proud of it. It has also been hung at our church several times when its theme and colouring have suited the theme of the day/season.

I don't hang it at home. I don't really have a space for it but I enjoy getting it out when I can.

Quiltin Jenny


  1. That is so cool! I think simple is better sometimes for such a strong design.

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