Sunday, September 21, 2014

Updating September Quilty Goals

Since we are over half way through the month I thought that it would be good to check in on my goals for September

1) Jeans quilt. The circles are all cut and 190 of them have the 5" square traced onto them. I want to get the other 65 circles marked and the 255 5" squares selected. The circles are all cut and marked. the 5" squares selected. Now call this quilt Jean's Jeans Quilt.

2) Finish tracing off the applique pieces for the tea shop quilt. Select fabric and get the applique ironed onto background fabric ready for our trip. Sort out embroidery threads to take with us. All the applique squares are prepped. I am still hoping to get more of the backing fabric cut up for the finished quilt so I can make more blocks if I finish off what I have already made. I will take patterns, backing fabric and fabric with me.

3) continue working on Disappearing Hourglass Vanishing Hours quilt. All the blocks for the quilt are made (unless I decide to make another 10) I have only 2 more quilting days left before we leave and not sure I will get to spend much time there on these days. Working out if I am going to sash the blocks or not

4) put together the quilt that is currently on my design wall. This was my orphan block quilt. The top is finished. I am not going to give it away as a donation quilt as making it made it rather special and so want to give it to someone special. Would have loved to have gotten it quilted before I go on holidays but that is not to be. (this is photo of it unfinished)

5) Do that Photography class on Craftsy. No progress made on this. Sigh

6)  So Make curtains as required for Fangirl's townhouse. Have started to make these. Fortunately she has chosen blinds for several windows so it is only two sets of window that need curtains. I have one set made apart from the hems which I won't do till I can check them off on the actual windows. The other set are started. I have the gathering tape pinned along the tops of the curtains but have to sew them on.

So two thirds of the way through the month I have made good progress. I have completed 4 of the 6 goals - ie 1,2,3 and 4. One has been started - 6. Only one not done at all. I am wondering if I should just give up on that Craftsy class and move on.

What progress have you made this month?

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