Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - Zippo

Another week with no finishes and no purchases so its all things staying the same.

Used this week:                                0m

Added this week                               0m

Year to Date Used                      122.28m
Year to Date added                      76.39m
Net Used                                        45.89m

I have been working on 3 projects this week. The denim jeans quilt which I have almost definitely decided to call Jean's Jeans Quilt is ready to take away with me. All the circles are cut out with the square drawn in them. The 5" squares to go in them are selected and sitting with the circles. I need to buy thread and machine needles to take with me to work on them. I think I will buy a slightly larger box to carry them with me as they don't fit in the one work box. Or I can put them in two boxes I guess.

Vanishing Hours - Disappearing Hour Glass Quilt. 8 blocks made. 22 cut up and ready to sew together.

Orphan Block Quilt. This is the one with the most progress made since my WIP Wednesday report. I am working away on the border for this. I have made one border from 4 patches - a checker board border I call it. All 1.5" finished squares. I am now working on a flying geese border which is 2"x4" finished. Some of the units I will leave as flying geese and others I will pair up to make squares on point. The border will have 26 units per side and I am putting 5 of the square units on each side. At the moment though I am still making flying geese. I've made about 40 of the 108 I need to make. I would love to sit up late tonight and sew a heap more but need to get a few more jobs done before I go to bed. Have a walking appointment at 6AM tomorrow.

Tomorrow Fixit Guy and I are going camping for a few days. That is the plan. Its started raining today although really its just a bit of drizzle. We will see how the weather looks tomorrow. No great rush to get away and we can play it by ear. The place we are going doesn't have powered sites so there will be no machine sewing. I haven't got my applique project set up so can't start on it which is frustrating. I will have to hunt about and see if I can find some hand stitching to take with me or I just might go stir crazy

Today was Fathers' Day here in Australia. As it turned out none of our kids were home. The 3 boys all live away from home in Melbourne and Brisbane. And Fangirl was in Brisbane for a Comi Con Convention getting her geek on. She took Boyo with her as his birthday present and by the photos and FB status up dates they had a ball together. She flew in this afternoon and so we spent some time this evening together. We had a church meeting on at 5 and it was followed by soup to share. She came home afterwards and we watched Dr Who together on her iPad since we were too late to watch it on tv and the website was playing up and we couldn't watch it via the website but could watch it on the Ap. 3 of us watching it on her iPad. It was cosy!!

I changed my profile picture on Facebook to one of my dad with my daughter. Over the course of the day Fangirl, Massage Man, and Boyo all changed their profile pictures to one of them with their dad. 

Fangirl with her Grandpa

Fixit Guy with his 3 sons 2012

Fangirl with her biggest fan 2012

Boyo and Fixit Guy ready for his school formal

I gave Fixit Guy a fitbit for father's day. So now we both have one. Mine is playing up though... I've lost the step counter off my iphone. I have re synced it. I have uninstalled it and then reinstalled it but the steps still aren't coming up. Not sure what the problem is. I have gone to the edit function on the ap and tried to do it there but the step counter is not showing up at all. Tonight... technology is not my friend.

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  1. Great pictures! My FitBit stopped synching a couple of weeks ago. I contacted tech support and they told me what to do--it involved resetting and such. They'd said I'd lose old data but I didn't seem to after all, and now everything's working okay again. Good luck!

  2. Lots of work planned for your future that should keep you very busy. Nice pictures of the family. Welcome to the Fitbit family. I have mine with me all the time. It has been such a good motivator to increasing my walking goals and encouraging me to keep it up - especially with my friends watching my progress. Hope you get it working soon and maybe we can be fitbit friends too.

  3. You are doing a great job on your Orphan Block Quilt. Hope the rain doesn't cause your camping trip to be postponed. Thanks for sharing your family pictures.

  4. Have fun camping and I love all those photos!!!