Thursday, September 11, 2014

WIP Wednesday on Thursday

I can tell you now that at the moment there is no working going on. Fixit Guy and I are camping at a place where we have to rely on solar power so not enough power to run my sewing machine so I didn't bring it. For some reason he thinks that the fridge and the lights are a priority for the power we generate! The hide of the man! There is also no mobile phone (cell phone) reception so I can’t connect to the net out here either. A time for hand sewing – yeah only I didn't leave myself enough time to prepare any to bring with me. Arghh. We shall see how stir crazy I go over the next few days. (so far so good)

My current WIPs are
Vanishing Hours (Disappearing Hour Glass)
No progress from last week. All the blocks have been cut up and 8 have been put back together. I am loving the way the pattern is working out. My blocks aren’t all uniform but I will be able to fudge them and make them work I hope. Have been wondering about whether I will sash the blocks or not. Will get them put together and then put them up on my design wall and think about it some more. Because I am camping I won’t get to sew them this week at patchwork but I might break my self imposed rule and work on them  a bit at home.

Jean’s Jeans. (Denim jeans quilt)
No more progress from last week. All the circles are made and marked, the 5” squares are selected. All ready to sew. I will make sure I pack a denim needle to help my little machine cope with the fabric. I still have more jeans I could cut up. I nearly put them in to bring with me as my hand project. I could have drawn the circles cut and marked them but since I am not convinced I want to make a second one thought that I would leave it till I was sure. This is the method I am using. Its the Blue Jean Quilt by Penny Halgren 

Orphan Block Quilt (need to come up with a proper name for this one)
I have really enjoyed playing about with this quilt. The centre is together and I have been working on the borders. I made one that is checker board pattern from 4 patches. I haven’t attached it because I have decided that I will make a second border from flying geese units and sew the two borders together first. Then I will make one corner stone block for both quilts together. I am thinking of doing a pinwheel or a square in a square. Will see when I get there. I am still making the flying geese units.  Some of them I am making in pairs so that I will be able to put them together to make square in a square units. I am thinking of having 5 of these per side so have made 20 sets of pairs. Still need to make the other 64 flying geese for the single units that will go in as flying geese. 

The 5 designs. Favouring the far right one or 2nd left one. Not keen on the 2nd right one

Sorry no photos yet of fling geese border cause its not made. LOL.
I was doodling border designs in church and have come up with 5 different ones and will choose the one that I want to use when I go to put them together. I have ruled out one but like the other 4… maybe I will do a different one on each side. That would work.

Spring Organising Challenge.
Yeah – this hasn't really happened although I did clean out the freezer and the cupboard in the laundry on Saturday. It was good to get them both done. As a result of having every thing out of the freezer I decided to cook up a few of the things that had been there a while. I made Spinach and Feta rolls to use up some filo pastry and frozen spinach. They worked out quite well even though the feta cheese was just ordinary grated cheese. I also made up a quiche to use up more of the pastry and some ham. That worked well too. We had a lunch at church on Sunday and I took both with me as our contribution (spread the love and the danger… no one got sick so they were all okay obviously) It was good I had done the cheese substitution as one of the women who stayed for lunch can’t eat feta but can eat ordinary cheese.

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