Friday, September 5, 2014

Fitness Friday

Have had a slightly better week this week with diet and exercise. Although I have by no means stinted myself I have tried to make better choices. I have also bought a pile of salad things and have been having a salad for lunch instead of toasted cheese and tuna sandwiches that my husband usually makes for me. I did have a major blow out yesterday at Patchwork. One of the women there made Lattice Slice and I had 2 pieces of it for morning tea and was eyeing off another one for lunch but I resisted. Came home and ate 2 rock cakes instead! Fixit Guy had been baking whilst I was out and they were fresh out of the oven and sitting on the bench daring me to eat one. For my non Australian readers you might be wondering what Lattice Slice is here are 2 versions of it. The one we had yesterday was the recipe on the right but she had a lemon glaze icing not passionfruit.

 No bake vanilla slice

As for Rock Cakes. They are an old fashioned cross between a biscuit and a cake. They have been around for many many years. I take some up with me most weeks to share with the residents when I help with the service in the Aged Care Hostel here in town. Fixit Guy bakes them using a recipe my Dad used to use. I will post a fuller blog on them one day when I have some photos of what we do but here is one off the net
Rock cakes

Despite that day I have managed to lose some weight over the week and this morning I am down to 88.1kgs. Only 8.1kgs to go

My walking has been good all week. I even managed to run one day when my walking buddy wasn't able to walk with me and Fixit Guy was nursing a sore ankle. Actually my walking buddy had eye surgery and was out all week but FG walked with me the rest of the week. We walked twice most days and I met my 10 000 step goal each day. As I write (2.15PM Friday) my 7 days Steps are sitting on 85 741 and I am sitting 2nd behind Terje. I am ahead of Sam but as she is a teacher she is more active in the evenings when she goes to the gym. Having said that though I have been a head of her a good bit this week, finishing the day ahead on some occassions or not too far behind so I have been pleased with that. My weekly walking stats are

Friday 29; 14 826
Saturday 30; 10 689
Sunday 31; 10 044 ( I had to do a lot of running on the spot late at night to get to my 10 000 that day)
Monday 1: 16 529
Tuesday 2; 12 757
Wednesday 3; 14 406
Thursday 4; 15 180 

Wednesday was the start of Steptember (I had thought it was starting on Monday but nope we had 2 days grace) The idea is that throughout September we undertake to do 10000 steps each day for 28 days straight (3-30 September) Its raising money for a great cause - Cerbral Palsy. If you want to support me this is my link.

And now for some random photos. Last Sunday Fixit Guy, Fangirl and I went on a bbq out at our local dam. Whilst we were cooking the bbq this fellow came and perched not far from us. My phone was flat so Fangirl took these using Fixit Guy's phone. Aren't they gorgeous

 Please link in your fitness report for this week or else add a comment below. Lets all play along and encourage each other with our desires to get fitter and healthier

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