Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fitness Friday - -Been a Great Week for Walking

I have had a great week as far as my walking goes. Each day I have made my 10 000 steps and then some. Having zero steps for 3 days the previous week on mmy Fitbit and only half my steps another day I really slipped down the rankings of my friends and I was working hard to try to improve my standings in the 7 day totals. It was a real incentive to get out and get moving and do extra running on the spot when possible. I managed to drag my ratings up gradually and by the time I got back to replacing the missed days I was able to not only jump up the rankings but also reached some great weekly figures. The last couple of days I have been in 2nd or 3rd position. I have a new leader amongst my friends. My Fixit Guy is an incredibly active guy I have realised. He even beats Terje! He doesn't run but he does come walking with me twice a day and the rest of the day he just buzzes around all the time obviously. Even the days that I walk with my friend and he doesn't come he still gets more steps than I do (Our walks are 5000 steps usually) It drives me nuts!

Our Steptember efforts are continuing. Our Team, the Emerald Walkers has still not achieved our fundraising target so if any of you would like to donate this is the link. We have improved our rankings this week though as far as steps goes. We are now 203rd in Australia.  Our combined step total is 724,943.There has only been one day that I haven't made my 10 000 steps since it started. Fangirl got sick just as Steptember started and had 7 days of colds and tonsillitis and generally not feeling up to par so her step efforts were not great. Fixit Guy has challenged her. He is going to donate $10 each day she makes her steps and has challenged her that she should make a donation each day she doesn't make her steps. She has agreed and the push is on

Today Fixit Guy (I almost called him Fitbit Guy! ) Fangirl and I are in Rockhampton looking for  curtains and blinds for her new townhouse as well as furniture. Well that's what Fangirl and I are looking for. Fixit Guy has some camping related stuff he is going to look at and other stuff that is going to require him to go to hardware shops. Funny story about this trip. We left home yesterday afternoon. Fixit Guy and I picked up Fangirl at her place. She had just hopped in the car when she realised she had left her sunglasses in the house so she ran back in to get them. Fixit Guy realised that he had left his wallet at home so we went back to our house to get that. I was laughing at them both for their forgetfulness and said I hadn't forgotten anything... or at least hadn't realised and I would remember when we got to C, a little town 20 minutes on our way to Rockhampton. No... I didn't remember anything then.... but 2 hours into the journey remembered that MY wallet was in my car. I had taken it with me when I went out to teach religion and had put it in the centre console of the car... and it was still there. Ooops. Guess I am not spending much money this trip!

I am not going to go near my weight loss woes. At least with making a big effort with my steps I am not putting on anything -much. I am back into the 89kgs though so really have to try a bit harder to watch what I am eating. 

My Steps for this week
Friday 17 540 I had realised I had lost 3.5 days of steps so was really trying to get extra steps
Saturday 15 633 Went to an open day at a local museum with a friend
Sunday 13 941 Despite only getting one walk and having the morning in church was able to get steps up  due to volunteering at a bike day for ORH and serving at cafe at aged care home
Monday 16 737 2 walks and house cleaning can help the steps
Tuesday  16 219 2 walks and some determined extra steps about the house
Wednesday 14 790 2 walks and a day at patchwork sewing but a few extra steps around the place
Thursday 15 461 Despite driving into Rocky we still got a second walk in cause we walked up to find tea and then because Fangirl was still short on steps we walked a bit more to get some ice cream. yeah defeated the purpose a bit but at least we didn't do as much damage as we might have without the walk

No photos for you this week so here is one from last week when we were camping.


  1. You are such a trooper Pip! Congratulations on making your goal this week!

  2. You have awesome numbers this week! Congrats!