Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WIP Wednesday - progress on many fronts

I have been working on a few projects this week.

Vanishing Hours - Disappearing Hourglass quilt
Worked on this today at Patchwork. I got all the hour glass blocks sliced up and have 8 sewn together. It excited quite a bit of interest as I was working on it today and now the group are thinking of doing it as one of the blocks for our block of the month (If Lindy can work out how she wants it)

Blocks cut up and stacked carefully ready to be sewn

The pile of 8 finished blocks

For some reason this has come out upside down but it shows the 8 finished blocks laid out. I am thinking I will sash between them but still working on that idea

Jeans Quilt. (Thinking of calling this one Jean's Jeans cause Jean from patchwork gave me a bag of jeans that went into it)
All 255 circles are cut out and have the 5" square drawn inside them. I have selected 255 5" squares to go into the centre of the circles. I have another pile of jeans that are cut up ready for me to do another quilt with but haven't drawn the circles on them yet. Have a pile of pockets from the jeans. Deciding what I will do with them as well.

A box of circles!

255 plus 5" squares all taken from my stash of cut up scraps. It was so easy to go to this draw and sort out the squares I wanted. And yes... there are still heaps left. 

Orphan Blocks Quilt
I got all the orphan blocks I own out. Put them up on the design wall and have been working on a design. 

 Because they were different sizes I have been working on making the smaller blocks up to a uniform size. I have been working with some left over half square triangle units to make pinwheels, flying geese etc as fillers for the blocks. Also some checker board units, 4 patches etc. These have all been with quite small pieces so its been rather fiddly for me.

I already had the scrapy strip block and the square in a square block and one of the flying geese. I made the pin wheel and one of the flying geese a from some hst I made the 

Despite working all day yesterday I didn't get the 4 non uniform blocks up to size. It was fun but I have been falling in love with the blocks that I have made and not sure any more that this quilt will be a charity quilt. I might have to keep it to give to someone special.

I had so much fun making the multicoloured little pinwheels. Going to add some plain colours between them to they stand out more. Still working on the overall design for the quilt. The blocks are 12"

Decluttering Challenge

This is now over. It was an August challenge. I still have quite a few to go back and do but on the whole it worked to get me thinking about getting rid of stuff and reducing the clutter in my home. Now we are up to the Spring Organising Challenge which is 10 weeks of challenges for various rooms in the house. There are 3 weeks of getting organised and then the 10 areas.

 I haven't committed to this as we will be away from the beginning of October but I am thinking of printing out her lists and seeing what I can get done before we go.If you are interested in the challenge look here  on Jess's blog for more information and links to her other lists.

How are your WIPs going this week? Making progress?

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  1. Love the idea of orphan blocks quilt, already look great. Makes me think of Gypsy Wife quilt :))

  2. Your Disappearing Hourglass blocks are unusual and work well together.

  3. Looks like you're well prepared to get stuck into some serious sewing here!

  4. Your disappearing hour glass looks really cool. Love your de-clutter challenge, I've been on such a de-clutter kick, if I do much more, I'll give away the family barn!

  5. Love the diss appearing hour glass! I've not seen this before! I so need to de-clutter and simplify!