Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fitness Friday on Saturday

Friday Fitness on Saturday

This report is a bit late as we haven’t had internet access for that last 3 days that we have been camping at Wingan Inlet.  

We arrived at Beachcomber Resort, Potato Point near Bodalla. We walked along the beach and that combined with out packing up the camp and setting it up again made up the days steps. Steps 12 923

We went into church at Bodalla and afterwards had a walk about the town including exploring the historic Anglican Church there. In the afternoon we walked along the beach again Steps 11 619

Monday we packed up the camp and moved to Bega/ We stopped at Central Tilba en route and explored the quaint little town. At Bega we set up camp in town and used the washing machines rather urgently! We drove out along the coast and amongst other things explored the historic wharf at Tathra. We went looking for lunch but every where we came to had stopped serving lunch. It was after 2. Eventually we found a bakery at Merimbula and had yummy pies there. Did some shopping for groceries on our way back to the camp and that helped with the days step count. Steps 10 859

Tuesday we spent the day exploring beaches in the beautiful Mimosa Rocks National Park. We walked Middle Beach and saw the lagoon there as well. We walked out to Wajurda Point and down to Moon Bay Steps. 9 676

Wednesday we again packed up camp and moved to Wingan Inlet. We set up camp after we had some lunch and then walked along the beach – 20 min walk down there and a pretty long beach to explore. Steps 16 833

Thursday we drove to Point Hicks and walked 2.2km each way from the car park to the lighthouse.

Friday walked to the jetty and then back down to the beach in the morning. In the afternoon we walked 2km each way to the Elusive Lake.Steps 11 416

Friday we stayed around the camp for the first part of the morning. Fixit Guy read his kindle and I did some hand stitching. Then we walked to the jetty and met a pelican who was very comfortable sitting on the rail of the jetty. I got some great pictures before he finally flew off. 

We walked down to the beach again and looked at the seals on their rocks and even had a paddle for the first time this trip. 

After lunch we drove down to the start of the Elusive Lake track and then walked in to view the fresh water lake. The walk was very pretty with heaps of wildflowers out. The lake itself wasn't all that impressive. Steps 18 151

I was surprised to find that two days I was under my 10 000 steps. A few big days made up for them though.

I am not going to go into my diet. I'm on holidays. We've had beautiful local cheeses each night with a glass or two of wine, desert most nights and nibbles in the car. My walking is I hope keeping the weight gain under control a little bit.

I have been taking heaps of photos of wildflowers this trip. Many I don't know the name of. If you would like to see more of them I might make a special post featuring the photos. Alternatively I can post them to an album on facebook and link to them... or I guess I could do the same with an album on ... gah can't think of the name of the webpage we put photos on. Sorry. Brain dead. Let me know if you want to see them


  1. Love the picture of your pelican.

    ALL THOSE STEPS!!! I'll never catch up.

  2. That pelican pic would make a great art quilt!