Thursday, November 20, 2014


Fixit Guy and I went ziplining on Tuesday. It was so much fun! I thought we would be the oldies on the tour but in fact of the 4 couples there we were the 2nd youngest!

The venue was at the Otway Fly, in the hinterland of the Great Ocean Road. Its an Eco Tourism place and includes a Treetop Walk which can be done separately to the Zipline Tour. In all the Zipline Tour included 6 ziplines and 2  ladder bridges all between 20 and 40 metres off the ground and up to 50 metres long.

To start with we had a safety briefing - basically being told what not to touch when we were up there - and were strapped into our harnesses which were all then checked  by one of our 2 trusty guides Josh and Jo. We later found out that it was only Jo's 4th tour so she was pretty new but was very good and reassuring. 

It was so much fun being up high and a real rush zipping along the wires. I was sure I was going to stuff up my landings each time but I pretty well nailed each one and was told that I was very competent and looked very comfortable in the air. I know I would love to do it again. Here are all the photos I took whilst up the trees. Lots more of Fixit Guy than me but that's what you get when you are the camera person

FG being adjusted into his harness

All strapped in and ready to go

So glamourous

Our starting point

The Zipline

Our guide ready to receive a flyer

FG on a Cloud Station

FG ready to launch

Flying away

our guide Josh coming in. He makes it looks soo easy

FG is next up

And he's off

The two of us on the cloud station. Enjoying ourselves. Couldn't stop grinning

FG on a bridge

I look so dorky but I was having fun. I was always a bit worried about getting my legs up at the end

And I'm in


  1. I'm scared of heights but have always thought that this kind of zipline through trees looked like fun--someday I'd like to do that! You guys did great--what a fantastic memory!

  2. I'm so impressed. Such a fun loving person you are. I'd be scared to death!! Thank you for sharing your fun with us.