Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday Stash Report

No finishes this week but wasn't expecting any.

I did have a purchase though and I wasn't expecting that. I went to a little patchwork shop in the town my cousin lives at on Friday and bought 2 patterns and a ruler. I then bought enough white tone on tone to be able to do the embroideries from the patterns that I bought - .5 metre. Its not exciting fabric so I am not going to take a photo of it to share. I would have shared a photo of the patterns but... they are packed away in a box in the back of the car atm so can't get at them. The little shop was call Quilters Harvest, an appropriate name for a shop in a wheat growing area.

I am typing this as we drive along. I  tried to get this done yesterday but was having too much fun with my cousin and family. I don't see them very often and this was the first time we have visited them at their place. Who needs to take time to write a blog post when I had 4 gorgeous young children to play with a cousin and her husband to chat with!!! Jo isn't actually my first cousin... her dad Syd, is my double first cousin... his Dad Fred was my Mum's brother and his mum Doris was my Dad's sister. Just to add to the relationship tangle Syd's wife is the daughter of my father (and therefore Doris's) cousin Marge making her my 2nd cousin. I used to say that Jo and her sisters were really 7th cousins... double second (thats 4) and 3rd cousins... a total of 7.
My cousin Jo and her daughter NB

We spent the weekend playing with the kids, chatting to Jo and her husband and doing a few jobs for them. I spent most of Saturday sewing... but it was mending sewing and taking up hems not patchwork. I was glad to give Jo a hand. With 4 youngsters she doesn't get time to sew.

4 gorgeous Ozzykids... we do  breed them cute here in Australia. The oldest 4 had just finished school for the day so are in their uniform

We also visited the local park and fed some of the animals there, and went for a bbq picnic lunch at a nearby lake where the kids had a swim but the adults still thought it was a bit cool.

Now we are on the road to South Australia, the last leg of our epic holiday. We'll have one night with a friend tonight in Bordertown and then into Adelaide for a few days before heading north to the Flinders Ranges and then it will be a quick trip home to Central Queensland in time for some Christmas celebrations and the like.

Banksia Man, Little Desert National Park

Wimmera River in Little Desert National Park

So my stash numbers are

Used this week:                               0.00m

Added this week                              0.5m

Year to Date Used                       133.31m
Year to Date added                       91.97m
Net Used                                           41.34m

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