Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday Stash Report from Lake Tyers

No finishes and no purchases again this week
Made some progress though

Whilst at our last camping site, Wingan Inlet, we had no power so no machine sewing could be done. I had thought that I might get it out and do some pinning and hand darning of holes but nope.. did nothing at all on this quilt.
fetching water at Lake Wingan

We arrived here at Lake Tyers, near Lakes Entrance yesterday. I had thought I might get straight down to some sewing but by the time we set up, washed and dried 2 loads of washing,  went into Lakes Entrance to do some grocery shopping, unpacked that, had my first shower in 3 days and washed my hair… I came back to the tent, crawled into bed with a Mills and Boon novel I had found in the laundry and read that. It was cold and so windy. We had put heaps of extra pegs all around the tent and roped it down well. But it still flapped and lifted here and there and was by far the most unpleasant evening and night we have had in our camper trailer this trip.

This morning though I was in a sewing frame of mind so after I persuaded myself to crawl out of my warm bed and get dressed I sat down at my machine and sewed happily for an hour or so before we set off for church. I did a bit more between getting home from church and when we went out for lunch. I had sewed one strip on and pressed the "leaves" open before church and got them stitched down before we went to lunch. 

 Our  lunch date was at the little seaside town of Metung with my friend Ange and her husband (we have met in person before but mostly we know each other through an internet group of current and former ABA counsellors) - Ange and I had the MOST yummy seafood linguine - using local fresh seafood.

 Afterwards Fixit Guy and I went to visit an historic homestead called Nyerimilang Homestead We enjoyed exploring the house and the garden although because it was still cool we didn't spend as long outside as we might. The view was magnificent and I would love to go back and see a bit more when its not so chilly. In the house I was delighted to find a bed made up with this lovely hand made quilt and a singer sewing machine in the corner. Unfortunately the room was also being used to store bathroom supplies so it wasn't being shown to its best advantage.

Back at the tent I got some more stitching done around going for a walk along the beach and the cliff top and managing not to get blown off the cliff or swept away by the crashing waves.  I could sew tonight but instead I am going to have a shower and climb into my nice warm bed and read another trashy novel. Its definitely the weather for it. It doesn't seem as blustery tonight but its still a might bit chilly.

Jeans Jean’s Quilt – Denim circle quilt

I have finished today with 4 strips sewn together(3seams) although only one seam has the leaves all zigzagged down. Still that is basically half the quilt together so I'm getting there. I have another 4 strips to sew on and zigzag down and then do all the outside leaves ie zigzag them down too.
Here's a picture of what I have accomplished so far. Not the best shot but no design wall here in the tent and I forgot to get a shot before it got dark... and its too blowy outside to get any sort of photo except maybe the quilt disappearing over a tree!

Tea Shop Quilt
Progress is being made on this one. I completed another couple of of blocks whilst at Wingan Inlet. FIxit Guy and I had a little bit of time sitting around the campsite, he read and I stitched. I thought I might do more at night but we tended to sit by the campfire till bed time and that is not good stitching light or space.

hand stitching on Tea Shop quilt

view from our tent door across the clearing where I had been stitching

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  1. Your jean quilt should keep you nice and warm on your next camping trip. Sounds like you are having a great vacation.

  2. What a wonderful place to do some hand stitching... enjoy!

  3. I am glad you didn't sacrifice your quilt to the angry wind gods just to get a good photo! I couldn't help thinking... that old Singer you saw in the historic home tour was a treadle, wasn't it? Just the perfect machine for camping without electricity... I'm sure you could find room for a big beast of a machine in the camper, right? ;-) Thanks for sharing your projects.