Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Musing Checking in on my Octover Goals and My November Goals

October Goals
1) Work on my Jean's Jeans Quilt
I have been working away steadily on this since we have been on holidays. I have half of the strips put together. It will be finished before we get home

2) Finish all the blocks for Vanishing Hours
This was an at home project and I did get the extra blocks I decided I wanted for the extra row made before we left home
3)  Finish prepping Hand work on Tea Shop Quilt. Cut all the squares for the appliques squares. Start work on it
Have finished all the applique blocks I had made before I left home and have made some new ones and finished a couple of those too. Its been a lovely project to have with me

4)  Make some mini quilts as gifts.
I can’t think what I meant by this when I wrote it. I haven’t made any mini quilts though. Maybe it was an extra to do if I got my other project ie Jean’s Jeans finished
5)      Practice some of the stuff from Photography class on Craftsy
Nope it hasn't happened. Well I have been taking photos (heaps since I checked in mid-month) and have been using my small camera. I have been thinking about my shots and composing them a little more and working on using a few other settings on it rather than just A for automatic so maybe that counts.

So I can say that I have accomplished 4 of my 5 goals for October

Now for my November goals
1)      Finish Jean’s Jean quilt
2)      Continue working on the teashop applique. If I get the blocks all done start to put it together if circumstances allow
3)      Make piano keys border for Vanishing hours quilt
4)      Make October and November BOMs from local quilt group

That should just about cover it, given that I will be travelling for all of November. If I do get the Jeans quilt and the border and the blocks all made I will have to come up with another machine project. Same with if I finish my hand project. I bought a quilt magazine in Sydney that had an embroidery pattern in it that I might have a go at if I have time..

What about you? Do you have some projects in mind for this month? Perhaps you are going to make some gifts. Tell me about them


  1. Your jeans quilt is looking wonderful. Very inspirational!

    1. thanks Christine. I am really happy with it although its a long way from perfect. My circles weren't quite right to start with and that put the rest of it off a bit but its worked out pretty well and whilst it won't win any prizes its going to do the job it was designed to do... and its almost finished!