Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday Stash Report More movement

I have had some significant movement in the stash numbers this week AGAIN. thats 2 weeks in a row.

In Melbourne this week I bought fabric for my son's bedroom in his  new flat and sewed them for him whilst we were there. He wasn't able to come with me to choose the fabric so we did it by phone! I took photos of the suitable fabrics available and messaged them to him and he chose the one he wanted. He chose the one I liked best too. What a good boy. I wasn't going to count them but since they accounted for most of the sewing I did this week I thought Why not?However I couldn't get them to go into the spreadsheet correctly so decided to leave them out.

 I bought 65cms of cream tan on tan to go towards making pinwheels for the border of my Vanishing Hours Quilt.

Until today I haven't worked on them at all since leaving Wilsons Promontory. However today I got down to it and sewed away happily in our lovely little cottage here at Apollo Bay. I didn't have a proper table I could sew at (I could have gone out and used the outside picnic table but the weather didn't allow for that. The table in the little cottage was a tiny round one. I was able to use the coffee table though. So sitting on the couch I was able to get through making all the hst I will need for the border of Vanishing Hours.... sweet!

Thinking about this I decided that I would really like to break 50m net used by the end of the year but somehow I don't think I will make it. That's another 8 metres. I will only be home for a few weeks before the end of the year. I doubt that I will be able to get Vanishing Hours completed in that time especially since I am planning on sending it off to get long armed by a good friend. The postage time involved would probably restrict my chances not to mention Kym probably has a backlog and maybe coming up to Christmas has other things to do as well.

I did take a photo of my fabric and some cute buttons I also bought but can't find the photo and in the interest of getting it posted before it gets later will forgo posting them atm

My numbers for this week

Used this week:                               0.00m

Added this week                              0.65m

Year to Date Used                       133.31m
Year to Date added                       91.47m
Net Used                                          41.841m

I found a new Linky party this week. Its a link up for Scrappy Projects at Mrs Sew and Sow 's blog. Of course I linked my Jean's Jeans Quilt blog post to it. Actually I linked a few projects from during the year and then thought I should check if that was ok given there was a prize draw. I couldn't see anything about limiting the number of entries but I emailed and they replied that only one entry a month was their limit. I told them to take down any links they didn't want to include. Its a bit late as it ends on 17th November but some of you might want to join in the fun if you're quick

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