Saturday, November 8, 2014

sunday Stash report... some movement at last

I'm so excited to write this post. At last I have another finish. Its been a long haul... week after week of reporting in to say that there has been no changes cause I hadn't had a finish and while I wasn't having a finish I wasn't going to go buy anything either... well no fabric

However as of Tuesday this week I have a finish. I have spoken about this finish in the last 3 blog posts I have written so won't go on about it any more but if you haven't been following the blog then if you look here or here you will be able to read about the story of this finish.

The stuff for today's post though is how much fabric I used. The quilt measured 212 cm  wide by 222 cms long - or for those of you playing along in inches that's . Putting that into the Excel spreadsheet using Pam from Hip to Be a Square Podcast trusty formula and the settings my Fixit Guy set up means I used a whopping 10.72 metres of fabric used. Whoot Very excited by that number! I didn't buy any actual fabric for this quilt. I did buy a few pairs of jeans from the Op Shops and some friends gave me their old jeans as well - or in Jean's case she gave me a bag of jeans from the op shop she volunteers at that were going to be discarded.

I didn't count the fabric from the jeans as fabric in because I didn't know how to calculate it and some of it I already had and some I got in extra... so in a way I am cheating by counting it all. My FG thinks I should only count half of it but stuff it... I'm counting the lot... so sue me!

So my figures for this week are

Used this week:                               10.72m (whoot whoot)

Added this week                              0.00m

Year to Date Used                       133.31m
Year to Date added                      90.82m
Net Used                                          42.491m

The entire quilt has been sewn on my Janome Jem whilst I have been travelling with my husband in our camper trailer. We've been on the road since early in October. I have sewn it in lots of different locations. Here are some of them

on the desk in the spare room at the town house my younger sons share in Brisbane

in the camper trailer in Lane Cove National Park, Sydney

Sewing in the camp kitchen at Gambell's rest, Morton National Park near Bundanoon

Beachcombers Resort, Potato Point Bodalla, NSW


Lake Tyers

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  1. It is so exciting to have a finish, but it is even more special that you were able to work on it while on vacation. I am impressed that you sewed jeans fabric on a Jem. Great work!

  2. I thought I was the only one to bring in my sewing machine on holydays! Love the places where you sewed and I love your quilt! Congrats with the finish. Have a good time together!!!!
    Love from Amsterdam.