Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Fitness

Friday again and its been a week or exercise and eating. Just hope I'm doing enough of the former to mitigate the latter

We packed up our camp at Wingan Inlet in Croajingalong (don't yah just love Australian Aboriginal Place names) National Park -  and moved on to Lakes Entrance. Not a big drive but not a pleasant one either - wind and rain. We stopped along the way to buy some lunch despite have packed sandwiches. It just wasn't sandwich type weather and besides too wet to stop at a roadside stop. We had fish and chips - not a success for Fixit Guy as his was a bit underdone and not nice. Mine was fine.
Cold and Bleak day heading into Lakes Entrance for groceries

It was very windy to set up at Lake Tyers and we had to really rope and peg everything down but even so... it was a rough night. It was also cold... much colder than it had been. We had toasted sandwiches and soup for lunch. Some jogging on the spot required to get me over the line re steps Total steps for the day 10 085

Sunday we went into church at Lakes Entrance and had a lovely chat to some of the ladies there. They are currently without a minister - the 3rd one we have been to on this trip. Our own announces she was leaving just before we set out on our trip. We met a friend for lunch in Sale and had a delisicious seafood fettucini (all locally sourced produce) and a scrummy cake afterwards. Visited an historic homestead and walked about the grounds a bit and then came back to camp and walked along the beach front ... nearly got blown away but great walk.Steps for day 10 304
With my friend Ange after lunch... it was very windy

View of some of the Lakes from the Homestead

beautiful shells on the beach

The beach at Lake Tyers

Monday we drove inland. We visited an historic trestle bridge and then did a guided tour of the Fairy Cave at Buchan. Home again and another long walk along the beach. Not so windy and much more pleasant. Steps 12 678
The Historic Trestle Bridge at Stony Creek. No longer in use

Joey resting in the shade at the Buchan Caves

Late afternoon walk. Fixit Guy is 3.5" shorter than me. When my sister saw this picture she comment... Wow first time I've seen a tall (insert his name here)

Getting my arty on

Tuesday we drove around the forest area of Lake Tyers. We did several walks along the arm of the lake that becomes Boggy Creek (not a romantic or pretty name at all for a pretty spot) and another walk along the track to Lonely Bay. We had talked about going for a last walk along the beach but didn't get there. Instead I spent the rest of the afternoon working on my Jeans Jeans QUilt and got it finished. We did go across to the Waterwheel Pub, which was just across the road from our camping ground for dinner. The food was so good. I had calamari for entree and pork ribs for mains. If I had known how big the servings were or how good the ribs were I wouldn't have bothered with entree.. Best ribs I've ever had. We were glad of the extra quilt that night and for the next couple as the weather got colder again at night.steps 15 997
Beautiful Boggy Creek!!!

Getting arty again... reflections in Boggy Creek

Wattle in bloom

Me by the lake

View of the lake on our walk to Lonely Bay

Galahs by our campsite. Love galahs

Wednesday we packed up the camp and moved on to Duck Point, which is near Yanakie, the gateway to Wilson's Promontory, a national park area including the southern most tip of Australian mainland. It was pretty windy when we got in and we decided against putting the annexe up as it is a tricky job when the wind is blowing. For dinner we had a bbq, cooked on the electric bbqs at the camping ground. We didn't set up out gas stove at all, boiling our water in the camp kitchen (just a jug, toaster and microwave in the laundry... most basic camp kitchen so far on the trip) and making toast in their for breakfast.. FG was coming down with a cold and feeling rather miserable. We got the heater out and warmed up the inner tent quite nicely. We hunkered down in there and let the wind blow around us (after we had pegged down as securely as we could. We did go for a walk after we had set up camp along the foresure of the inlet (it was called Corner Inlet) We saw heaps of black swans out on the water and various other water fowl too. Steps 10 659

Duck Point, Corner Inlet

grassy Duck Point

Duck Point

Flocks of black swans were on the lake... no ducks but lots of swans

the lake at dusk

Thursday we had to head back into the nearest town to get some medication for FG who was coughing and blowing a fair bit. However we still went into the National Parks and did a couple of walks - one along a couple of beaches and over the headland between them and another billed as Wildlife Walk. We saw a mob of kangaroos and a flock of emus so it lived up to its name. Saw a couple of wombats earlier as we were driving along. steps 16 802

Picnic Beach on The Prom (Wilsons Promontory)


we saw the roos and the wombats but not the koalas.

loving the micro option on my camera

Rock Maze at Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach

Friday. Today its just been packing up and unpacking day. We packed up the camp at Duck Point and drove into Melbourne to our camping ground at Coburg, which is not exactly inner but not far out either from the city. The camping facility is not as cramped and crowded as many city camping grounds tend to be and there is lots of green lawns about and shady trees. We are VERY handy to the loos and showers so not many steps to be had getting to and from then. Think my step count today is going to be pretty low. Not any nice beaches or rivers or national park walking tracks nearby to tempt us out for some exercise and with FG still coughing and blowing I doubt he will want to go far. Might be some jogging on the spot for me tonight. Steps 5898 (so far)

So how about you? How have you gone with your fitness aims this week? 


  1. Love traveling with you! You're just making me want to come visit even more. :-) Hope FG feels better--that's lousy to get sick when you're away from home. Good luck on the steps!

  2. The photos are stunning. You have some awesome photography skills! My fitness is going nowhere. I stopped walking and haven't gotten my mojo back yet. Hopefully soon!