Friday, August 1, 2014

Fitness Friday

So - Friday again. Time to Fess up as they say

I have tried to keep up my walking but haven't felt motivated to run. I blame Fitness Guy's retirement. He is happy to come walking with me in the morning when my walking pal isn't available. I enjoy his company... why run when I can share the walk with him.

My walking stats suffered a bit this week. I didn't meet my 10 000 step mark 3 days Friday Saturday or Sunday due to travel and/or meetings on those days. I have slipped down my friends list on Fitbit partly as a result of that and also because a couple of them have really upped their steps this week. Currently I have 77 936 steps for the last 7 days. Hopefully will get some more steps in this afternoon when we walk the dogs again.

Weight wise. Yes well. FG put new batteries in the scales at long last and the increased good living over the last month hasn't gone unnoticed. Oops. I was back up to 90kgs on Monday morning. All I can say is that I am glad we kept up our walking over the time the boys were  home and then our week of holidays or it would have been a lot worse. I have been back on the straight and narrow (though not tracking I admit) and after 4 days have lost 1kg so that is a start. Its the easy kg to lose the rest will be a hard slog. We are going out tonight to a celebration for the locally based charity "Our Rainbow House". That will no doubt involved lots of yummy food and alcoholic beverages so will have to resist. If we walk down to the venue and back that might be a start

A few pictures from my walks this week. I got two walks along the beach at Tannum Sands

Its really drying off around here. This photo was taken late afternoon so the colours aren't as vibrant as they shoudl be but the grass is brown in many places. The two birds you can make out in this shot are pelicans. I haven't seen them around our town before this year. Previous to seeing these two on the river we had seen some out at our local dam. If waterholes out west are drying up it may have sent them to us.

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