Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - Sunburnt Zebra finished

I have been working all afternoon on Sunburnt Zebra and I am delighted to be able to say that it is finished. I have just finished stitching down the binding. Its almost 11 PM so no chance of a finished photograph today but do have a few sneak peaks of it folded up. Tomorrow I will take it out into the back yard and peg it on my clothes line and get a full length photo of it.

I got it pinned at Patchwork on Wednesday but didn't get to put it under the machine needle till this afternoon. I quilted it very simply. I echo quilted around the dark and light diamonds. I extended the quilting lines over the border as well. As I was stitching on the last of the border to the back of the quilt I found a pucker but decided that since its for me I really couldn't be bothered to do the unpicking I would need to do to get it out so its staying there. I machined the binding to the back, flipped it over and then chose a decorative flower stitch to secure the binding down to the front. I messed up the last corner rather badly but once again I decided that it would be okay. Can you tell I am not a super fussy quilter.

So that is my finish for the week. The quilt is 2.15m square so that was a total of 10.35m of fabric used up. Whoo hoo. I had no fabric purchases so my stats are

Used this week:                          10.35m
Added this week                                 0m

Year to Date Used                      125.52m
Year to Date added                     80.27m
Net Used                                    45.25m

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