Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Today at Patchwork Group I got Sunburnt Zebra pinned. I didn't get a photo but you are just going to have to believe me. One of the best things about our Patchwork Group is the large pinning out table with have there. Its great to not have to crawl around on the floor to pin out quilts

Still don't have a photo of the quilt with its borders on but with any luck by Sunday I  might have a completed quilt... now would'n't that be grand :)

After I got Sunburnt Zebras pinned out I started work on my next project. Disappearing Hourglass quilt as demonstrated on Missouri Quilt Company. This one is going to be for our bed. I am doing it in greens and creams. Today I sorted through my box of green fabric and chose the ones that I thought that I would use. Then I cut them into 10" squares along with the tone on tone cream fabrics. This is going to be my new project to do at Patchwork Group.

I have started to sort out my scrap fabrics again. Its an ongoing project isn't it. Haven't got far with it yet but have ironed the scraps to make it easier to trim them up.

31 Days of Decluttering.
Hmmm yes well. I have been dipping in and out of the challenges that are coming up daily on the Facebook Page  Spring Organising Challenge with Forever Organised. 

So far I have done Shoes (only one pair disposed off but got them all tidied up which was a bonus) Appliances: got rid of a hair straightener.
Bath Toys - nope got none
Magazines - got rid of a pile of newspapers (well put into a box  which was put into the shed for Fixit Guy to use as mulch on the front garden bed.
Coffee Mugs -14 disposed of
Medications - tidied the whole medicines cabinet and threw out a heap of out of date stuff and stuff we don't use. 

That's as far as I've got with the list but I have also done some other sorting out and tidying up done including cleaning off my kitchen desk and sorting all the drawers. Now I am in the midst of cleaning up the office. Its not really a room... more like a walk in cupboard. It doesn't have any windows. It has two walls of built in cupboards and bookcases and a 3rd wall with 2 filing cabinets and small desk. I'm planning on decluttering the cupboards, filing cabinets and bookshelves but at the moment just working on getting the floor cleared and the junk that has been stuffed in there dealt with.

This might not look impressive to you but if you saw what it was like before you would know it really is impressive

#Run Outback 60km challenge is another challenge I've been participating in. The idea is to run or walk 60 km over August. Fixit Guy and I have both been doing this. We are only walking it (although I did run one day) We walk down by the river usually twice a day. Its about 4km each walk. So we have covered this challenge pretty quickly.

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