Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - nil all draw

Nothing in and nothing out. That's my stash report. I haven't bought any fabric this week and I have been to a fabric shop! I bought some cream thread to use on my new project - Disappearing Hour Glass.

I have been working on my jeans quilt and a friend gave me a bag of jeans to cut up. I have no idea how to calculate the fabric from them so didn't. I am thinking that when I finish the quilt and calculate the fabric used that  I will halve that amount and count that ie only count one side of the quilt. That way I won't get credit for counting the jeans fabric as having come out of my stash when I didn't count it going in. I will however count the 5" squares that complete the block along with the denim circles.

Do you count the fabric that you repurpose from clothes of linen as fabric in?

Used this week:                                0m
Added this week                               0m

Year to Date Used                     125.52m
Year to Date added                     80.27m
Net Used                                    45.25m

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