Friday, August 15, 2014

Fitness Friday

Its been a pretty ordinary week for me. I had 3 days where I didn't make my 10 000 steps. The other 4 days I made over 15 000 so my weekly step count is 83 214 (and I am planning to get another 750 tonight to get over 10 000 today.

Saturday was so busy I didn't get to walk at all and on Sunday we only walked in the afternoon. Walked twice Monday to Thursday and only once today as starting about lunch day we've had some much needed and prayed for rain. We may not be able to walk by the river for a few days depending on how long the rain hangs around. Mind you it is so terribly dry that its probably gone straight in and not formed puddles.

Weighted myself this morning and was back under 89kgs again... just which was pleasing although still a long way to go. Still not tracking my food which I know I need to do to make much progress but motivation is lacking. At least whilst I am keeping up my steps I am keeping from putting on more weight.

We've had pelicans on the river for a few weeks now. See how dry the grass is

Clouds beginning to build up last night as we walked by the river. Today we benefitted from them

Can you see what I saw on my walk this morning?

Its a bit clearer in this photo

Kangaroos on the move

They were interested in staring at us.

So how have you gone with your fitness efforts this week


  1. I would love to go on a walk and see kangaroos! I've been doing well at the 10k steps the last few days, though I didn't report specifics on my blog post (going live later today). I don't have a plan yet for the weekend but need to--if I don't decide ahead of time what I'm going to do, it rarely actually gets done. :-)

  2. Great job, Philipa! I love those pics of kangaroos. So different than what I see around here...wild turkeys and deer once in awhile. I'll post soon as well. My food plan has been less than stellar. If I can get that under control after Disney, I'll be doing well. Summer is HARD!

  3. Yes, great job, indeed! And hurray for 89 kg! I have not been walking all week as I am still adjusting to my new job where I stand and climb stairs for 5 hours. Not sure how my legs would feel with extra walking as I hit 5-8000 steps with no effort of walking. I am also down to 179 lbs/81.5 kg and not obese anymore, huzzah! Keep up the great work, as I am so jealous you can see kangaroos on your walk!