Friday, August 29, 2014

Finish up Friday - 5 finishes

Yes you heard it... 5 finishes this week. Doesn't that sound impressive. When I tell you that they are all mini quilts, that the embroideries were done by my mother (4 of them) and myself (1) some time ago it doesn't sound quite so impressive. I did piece the borders... but in 2 cases the piecing was already done and in the other 3 all the half square triangles were done some time ago as well. So... this week I finished them but not from start to finish.

The 4 my mum embroidered were a set of seasonal ones. I have made them separately (they were in one quilt according to the pattern) so as to be able to hang them according to their season in the foyer of my home. At the beginning of the year I decided I would make 12, one for each month to hang in the foyer. Pam on Hip to be a Square did somet thing along this line. However as a family (and generally as a society) Australians don't widely celebrate some of the  "days" that are so widely celebrate in the US. We know about Valentines Day, St Paddy's day, and Halloween and some people do celebrate them but they aren't nearly as big a thing here. I would prefer to put emphasis on things that are more important to us as a family and as Australians. These seasonal ones are more appropriate (although living in Central Queensland, on the Tropic of Capricorn we don't really get very distinctive seasons anyway)

Winter: I used the red and green border around winter cause it matched the picture better. Its NOT Christmas! That's in summer for us)

Summer:The yellow is for the sand and the hot summer sun

Autumn. Used the green and yellow hsts because I had them and they went with the picture.... 

Spring. Loved the purple hst that I had heaps of and they went so well with the embroidery

Here they are all together. Aren't they gorgeous

The Outhouse. Embroidered by me
These are only small wall hangings. Nor more than 10" wide and the largest about 12" long. I used a method I had read about on another website to insert hanging triangles into the corners. The video about it is to be found here Now a pencil, a skewer or small piece of dowel can be inserted into the top and bottom if required and it can be hung on a nail. I was so pleased to be able to use this method. Now all 5 wall hangings are good to go... apart from labels. I think I might just write directly onto the backing fabric rather than stitch on individual labels.

I used the same fabric as the backing to make the hanging triangles so it is  harder to see them in the picture but you should be able to make it out.

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  1. Well I'm impressed by 5 finishes! My productivity has slowed to such a rate I'm wondering if threading a needle will count as a finish!
    Mum did a nice job on the embroideries.

  2. Those are just so adorable! Gives me an itch to stitch!

  3. I love your little seasonals, they're so adorable! I couldn't tell which one was done by you! And your outhouse is really cute, it reminds me of my favorite type of house, a log cabin. Well done for finishing it all this week, even though they were started already!