Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Jeany's Quilt

For just over 13 years I have been a member of an online group, connected by email, called Buddies.We all had strong connections with the Australian Breastfeeding Association - counsellors or community educators. Some of us have since resigned from the association but we have remained members of Buddies

We have shared many things over that time - marriages of our children (and ourselves) births of children and grandchildren, graduations, new jobs, redundancies, health worries, new homes and cars, our hobbies and passions and also deaths: of our parents and grandparents and  sadly some children and husbands as well.

One of our group is Jeany. She and I had lived in the same town for several years before she married. She had children after I left town. We were both teachers and had association with the same church. She became a counselor after the birth of her first daughter and so our acquaintance was renewed. Later we also had a lot to do with each other through an student exchange group called AFS. 

When her 3rd daughter was only a few months old her husband Mike was in a vehicle accident and he died a few weeks later. Such a devastating thing for a young family. Buddies, spread through out Australia, felt her pain and wanted to reach out to her. One way we did this was to make her a quilt. I helped co-ordinate it. Each Buddy made a heart square to be included (or if they couldn't sew then another buddy made one for them) and we chose a square of picture fabric, which some how represented that person, to go with their square. It took a little while to get the quilt organised but eventually it was made and I got to take it to Jeany as I lived only a couple of hours away from her and we had an AFS activity together.

Jeany on Right and I with her quilt

Looking at the "conversation" square with each heart I am having fun trying to remember what the connections were. I know I had a lot of fun choosing the fabric to put with which heart. People were given the opportunity to suggest fabric for themselves but of course it was tricky to find the fabrics they wanted in our stashes. Bit expensive to go buy fabric to suit each person.

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  1. What a beautiful quilt and story. Thank you for sharing it.