Friday, August 29, 2014

Fitness Friday

This week... yeah much the same as the last couple. The weekend in Brisbane did damage to my attempts to lose weight and I haven't helped since I got home. Motivation is lacking. I need to look at those fat photos some more I think!

Have kept up the walking everyday and have managed to once again achieve my 10 000 steps everyday for the past week. Right now, at 11.15AM on Friday my 7 day step count is 87 367 steps and I am ranking 2nd behind Terje who is way out there with 106 832. I have to say that I was at the top of the leader board for a little while yesterday, before Terje must have synced cause not all that long later she was 15 000 ahead again. Still... for a moment I basked in the glory of it all. I am 5 000 ahead of my friend Sam but again once she syncs or goes to the gym this afternoon she will zoom past me. But I can tease her about falling behind for a few hours at least.

Again there has been no running. When the alternative a nice walk with my Fixit Guy why run? We've been talking about doing some bike rides together but that hasn't happened yet. The trouble is there are only so many hours in the day and right now our dog Jack is very happy with the concept of 2 walks a day and he will probably guilt me into it anyway.... will have to see how things work out.

Here are some of my random photos taken on my walks along the river

One day we saw this huge flock of ducks and the pelicans all swimming up river in a group. At times it looked like the pelicans were herding the ducks

My bouganvilleas are in full bloom. I have never had them so covered in flowers

The pelicans were all perched on the bank this morning

Can you see the roos? There are three of them hiding in the grass

You can see them once they start to move

So how are you going with your fitness challenges this week?

With encouragement from Sandy at Quilting For the Rest of Us and Jenny at Quiltin Jenny I've added a linkup which I hope is going to work. Please link in your fitness report for this week or else add a comment below. Lets all play along and encourage each other with our desires to get fitter and healthier

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  1. Yay! So glad to have this link up! Maybe it will keep me moving if I have to report in every week.

    I don't blame you for skipping your run to walk with your hubby. I would choose that any time as well.

    I love the pictures of your flora and fauna. It's amazing that you just see kangaroos out on your walks like we might see deer. So cool!