Friday, August 1, 2014

31 Days of Decluttering

Jess from Forever Organised has organised a Spring Organising Challenge with 31 days of decluttering and I have decided to join it

 Have to admit that some of these are going to be easy.

3. Bath toys... don't have any (no kids at home and no grandchildren to cater for)
15 Kids clothes... same reason as above
27 kids toys ... as above
30 Kids artwork.. same as above

18 Bath Towels... did those when we redcorated the bathrooms last month
23 Cosmetics ... did this when we did the ensuite.
29 Bathroom products ... not sure what they are referring to here but everything to do with the bathroom been done. When you have to empty the room so that it can gutted you tend to go through everything.

So I get a pass on 7 days.

28 is half done already too... office desk. Yesterday Fixit Guy and I tidied the top of my desk in the kitchen. There is still some stuff to put away (the desk got cleared... the kitchen table and the bench are now a bit cluttered) I do want to do the drawers though.

20 Email inbox has also been done reasonably recently and was having another blitz on it yesterday. I am working at unsubscribing from a heap of emails that I seem to be getting. I am also setting up heaps of rules so that things get diverted to separate folders. I get heaps of emails related to shows, airfares and accommodation. Now they all go into one folder and I can do wholesale deletions if I'm not looking at travelling any time soon. Its great

But .... did you see 25? Craft supplies. Egad. Just a day to do them? Well - have to say that I have gone through them this year. There has been some culling and lots of tidying so maybe that won't be the huge task it would have been. But still. Ask a crafter to sort through her stuff in one day.

And 26. Books, CDs and DVDs. That will be quite a job too

6 Guilt clutter and 21 Someday clutter have me scratching my head a bit. Not sure what these will entail but will see as we get to them.

Today's challenge was declutter shoes. I failed miserably. To be fair I don't have any where near the number of shoes some people have. I have a large foot. I wear a size 12 Australian sizing which is the same as the US or 10 in the UK or 42.5 European sizing. So, as the saying goes... I have a good grip on Australia. Usually I have to buy my shoes in specialist shoe shops, ones that cater for larger sizing. They are more expensive than what many people pay for their shoes. I am not used to having a choice in my shoes. . I don't go looking for a red shoe or a high heeled silver shoe or anything like that. Nope for me its the one that fits. And are comfortable. I have in the last few years found that some of the Factory Outlet shops do carry the larger sizes... well Dianna Ferrari, Hush Puppy, etc do. If I would go in there I would find my large sizes, in a few styles and much cheaper than usually. I'm not used to having a choice. If it fits and is comfortable I buy it. So when I would find a number of shoes that fitted this description that were also on sale I would not be able to buy a choice and would come out with multiple pairs. This has only happened a few times

In the last 18 months or so a lovely shoe shop has opened in Brisbane called the Shoe Garden and she ONLY carries shoes size 10 and up and she won't get a shoe in UNLESS it is available in 10-12 and she does carry larger again. She likes funky modern shoes. Me I don't care too much about shoes.

What I am trying to say is that - I don't have a huge array of shoes - 18 at the most. (the men in my life would be amazed I say that's not a huge amount. Fixit Guy probably has 10 though... 3 pair of those are work boots :) ) There are a few pair I could probably get rid of cause I don't wear them very much. Hmmm might revisit this. Meanwhile I did tidy them up. Here is the before and after shots

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  1. I pinched this from someone on Facebook, possibly you, although a few friends are doing it.
    Do my ducks count as bath toys?!!