Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quilty Resolutions - Review of July goals and setting some for August

Since it is 31st of July it is time to review the goals I set my self this month. I wrote about them here  if you want the full story

1. Finish the top for my Disappearing into the Blue quilt and make the backing.

This is finally completed. I crowed about it on Wednesday. I got more than the top and backing done. The whole thing is completed and is on our spare bed. The label still needs to be done but that will come.

2. Trim up the half square triangles and start assembling my Black and White (with a touch of red) trip around the world quilt. 

This too has been done. The ruler arrived mid month and I took the hst and the ruler, rotary cutter and mat on holidays with us. I got "The Look" from Fixit Guy when I suggested taking my machine with me so contented myself with trimming the blocks. The ruler worked really well. Now I am in the process of laying them out on my design world and working out how I want it to go exactly. 

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3. Make Gamer Girl's Christmas Stocking 

I got the stocking made. I wrote about it here

4. Finish Teddies and Pinwheels quilt 

Done. I wrote about it here

5. Finish Twist and Disappear 

Done. I wrote about it here 

6. Finish the two Craftsy Classes I have almost finished. Do some of the projects/exercises mentioned in them!!

Welll.... didn't get this done. I did finish watching Shoot It with Caro Sheridan but didn't get to do any of the exercises. I had hoped to rewatch parts of it whilst on holidays and I did but I was running out of download so couldn't really do much. I also couldn't find the manual for my camera so that didn't help.

7. Start Teashop wall hanging when it arrives.

The pattern only arrived whilst we were away on holidays. I had trouble with my order from the UK as the first place I had ordered it from couldn't supply it and then I had to find it elsewhere but it got here eventually but haven't had time to do any thing with it. I am thinking that this is going to be my travelling project when I got away in October. Fixit Guy and I are going on a camping holiday for about 3 months - from the start of October and will be back in time for Christmas. I am going to need something to do whilst we drive along and this applique project is going to be ideal. Funny story though. Today Fixit Guy and I tidied off my shockingly untidy desk in the kitchen. Its been months and months since it got done. Guess what I found buried under a pile of stuff. Yup the original pattern I bought in the UK last September which I haven't been able to find since we got home from our last camping trip (last October. I bought some fabric for it whilst I was travelling) Ooops

8. Make seasonal wall hanging from the stitcheries my mum made for me

Nope... nothing done on this one

So all in all not a bad effort. 5 goals completed of 8. of the remaining 3 - one I did a bit of work on, one I couldn't do much on due to it not arriving and one no attempt made. Now to think about August goals

August Goals
1. Work on Trip around the world (work out a name for it to make it easier to refer to)

2 Start work on Teashop quilt - choose background fabric for blocks, trace off applique pieces. Get things prepped for taking it away to work on whilst travelling

3 Blue Jeans Quilt - get it prepped to take away on holidays with us. This will be my machine project whilst we are travelling. 

4 Disappearing Hour Glass quilt - collect together green and cream fabric for this quilt. This will be my project for Patchwork Group.

5 Cut scrap pieces. The basket is overflowing

6 Make a seasonal wall hanging from Mum's embroideries

7 Do projects from Caro Sheridan's photography class on Craftsy. Watch one other craftsy class

That is one less than this past month. I am not aiming for any completions on quilts this month. I might get some

Oh... just thought of one more little one so better add it

8. Label Disappearing into the Blue

Thats it for me

Hoping to link up with Gemma@ Pretty Bobbins for I Quilt Thursdays

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  1. Your Trip Around the World quilt reminds me of an old joke -"What's black and white and red all over?" The original answer is, of course, a newspaper, but I like the sunburned zebra answer better. In my mind, that quilt will always be the sunburned zebra quilt!