Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - some finishes

I am delighted to be able to report two finishes this week. And no purchases so that is extra good.


I got this pinned at our Patchwork get together on Wednesday I started work on quilting it on Thursday. I chose to quilt it using the words of Jeremiah 17:7-8

“Happy are those who trust in the Lord… they will be like trees planted by the streams, whose roots reach down to the water….their leaves will remain green”  
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The words aren't really very obvious and I am happy with that. I know they are there and they are the reason behind the quilt. Sandy from Quilting for the Rest of Us helped me with that verse. It was just perfect for what I was wanting for the banner. After I quilted the words in I filled in other gaps on the quilt with a leaf pattern. Some of the leaves were in a chain of leaves and others were individual. I was very happy with the quilting.

I didn't want a border on the quilt nor a binding that would be a mini border in itself. Instead at the suggestion of some of the Twilters (the quilters on Twitter) I did a knife edge binding. First I had to find out what that was. I googled it and found a tutorial for it here I didn't follow the directions exactly since my wadding was only a worn out flannelette sheet I didn't bother trimming it back a quarter of an inch but folded it over too. 

Maybe I should have but... Finished it by hand sewing a rod pocket along the top and writing a label and stitching in on
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I took it to church this morning and hung it for the service. I was a bit disappointed with it. I think it will look better with a rod pocket at the bottom too to help it hang straighter. Also the edges were a bit ruffled. Not sure how I can fix that or if it really needs it. I might be the only one it bothers. I forgot to take a photo.  I bought it home after church to put the rod pocket on it this week. 

It measured 172cm x 90cm for a total fabric usage of 3.69m 

Teddies and Pinwheels
I had planned to pin this quilt at the Patchwork Rooms on Wednesday whilst I was there however I discovered that my naughty cat Pippin had left his mark on it so I needed to take it home and wash it. This I did that afternoon and dried it in the dryer. I then found that some of the hand dyes in it had run and marked some of the white border fabric. I sighed (loudly) and decided whatever to just go ahead and use it. SO I pinned it out that evening and then yesterday, after a big roast dinner with all my children present I left them to do the clearing up and went downstairs to quilt. I had thought I would just make a bit of a start on it but got on a roll and kept on going late late into the night. At 1.20am I finished it off. 

I used a variegated purple thread to do large stipples all over the quilt apart from the embroideries which I quilted up to by not on. For the borders I did a long looping design with little circles at each change of direction

Yet again I did a machined binding. I really like them. I have heard that if you want to enter your quilts in shows (and win) then you should hand stitch your borders down... but guess what? I don't want to do that so machined is fine by me. I love choosing different stitches from my decorative choices. This time I did a squiggle that went over the folded edge, back and forth across the binding and the edge of the border.

It measured 112cm square for a total fabric usage of 3m 

I still have my Twist and Disappear, the disappearing 9 patch with a twist, pinned and ready to be quilted. Disappearing into the Blue is ready for me to send to the long armer. I just have to get it to the post office.

So my Stash report for the week is 6.7m 

Used this week:                        6.7m
Added this week                        0m

Year to Date Used                     96.02
Year to Date added                   72.27
Net Used                                   24.75

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  1. Both quilts are lovely. I admire you for even attempting a knife edge; it's not easy. I especially like how the pinwheels point in toward the bears. Took me a second to figure out how you did that!

  2. Beautiful quilts! Congrats on the finishes. You've done some great stash busting this year.

  3. Nice job, Pip! Perhaps you want to block your Riverwalk quilt while it's still damp, and let it dry. The Teddy bear quilt is adorable, and the squiggly binding stitches match the quilting :)