Thursday, July 24, 2014

WIP Wednesday on Thursday

I am away from home this week so haven't been sewing at all. I have been working spasmodically on trimming up some blocks for my Trip Around the World H/S Triangle Black and White with a Touch of Red quilt. Man I am going to have to come up with a name for this quilt. That takes way to long to type. 

At one stage I did know how many of them I had made and had to trim but I have forgotten. I can say that I have trimmed all of the black and white h/s triangles (H/S stands for Half Square for my non-quilty friends who loyally read this blog even though they don't sew. Its a square unit made from 2 right angled triangles) 

I have been using my special Quilt-in-a Day ruler that I ordered a couple of months ago after reading about it of aDiary of a Quilter'sblog

It has been going really well. Haven't ironed any flat yet to check that all is honky dory but it seems to be going well so far. Just the red ones to go.

I have visited 2 fabric shops. Lincraft was having a 50% off all their fabric so I popped into their store in the Myer's centre and got some minky which will make a lovely backing for a quilt I am beginning to percolate. Also visited a quilt shop today. They had a beautiful range of Australian fabrics as well as Japanese and lots of modern lines too. I was pretty restrained and only bought a metre each of 2 fabrics on special. And a new blade for my cutter. The one I have with me is getting a little blunt.

Disappearing Into the Blue
Its been quilted. As I write it should be making its way back to me from my long armer the lovely Kym at Professional Quilting Service.

Apart from that - I really haven't done anything quilty or patchworky at all. I have instead been enjoying a wonderful get away with my darling Fixit Guy.

We left home on Saturday morning with the Boyo's stuff in our car too although he chose to ride in his brother Kombi Boy's car. KB also had his partner Gamer Girl and a mate in it. We drove to Toowoomba. It was a 9 hour trip. We did stop for lunch and for fuel but other than that just pushed through. Arriving in Toowoomba my lovely Sister in Law Christine (Of Bluebirds and Bumblebees blog) had a baked lamb dinner prepared for us. After making short work of that the other carload departed for their homes in Brisbane - another 1.5 hours or so away. FG and I stayed over with them. It was lovely to catch up, get to sticky beak at Christine's inumerable projects.

We then had 2 days in Brisbane to complete some business before driving up to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland where we have booked into a lovely cottage. There are heaps of bnb's and get away venues in this area. When looking for a place to book we wanted a fire, a double spa and a view. Our choice was At Remingtons and we weren't disappointed. Our cottage has been everything that we wanted. We have enjoyed a number of walks through the rainforests hereabouts. We have had lovely meals out both lunch and dinner and generally relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. Its been a lovely few days. 

Tomorrow (Friday) we have to pack off and head north for 2 nights at a live in Presbytery. It will be church camp accommodation. I think we have a room with bunk beds and sleeping bags. A bit of a come down after the bliss of this place but guess its time to get back to reality.

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  1. That looks really beautiful. Sorry you had to leave it.