Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I am soooo excited. Disappearing into the Blue is no longer a WIP but is a finished item. I have only just put the last stitch into the binding and I haven't done a label for it yet but I count it as finished when its bound. The label is just an added extra. Its is marvelous to have it done at last.

Disappearing into the Blue is the name I gave to the second of my Disappearing Pinwheels that I made using the Missouri Star video here. I liked the churn dash setting better than the shoo fly which was an alternative setting.

Its the first quilt in a while that I actually went out and collected fabric for. Lately... as in the last few years I have tended to work from my stash and just buy bits and pieces to finish quilts off. I have occasionally bought more fabric on a whim but not with any pattern in mind. For this quilt I not only raided my stash but also bought quite a bit of fabric for it. I ended up with enough fabric for the backing as well although that hadn't been my intention at the time.

I chose to make the quilt blue and white because I wanted it for the spare bedroom that Fixit Guy and I had repainted earlier in the year - a pretty blue with white trim. I made new white curtains for the room too. I wanted the quilt to be big enough for the bed... have some overhang. I seem to get a bit stingey when I make queen bed quilts and all the ones I have made to now haven't really been long enough on their own. This one is plenty big enough... I hope.

The centre of the quilt is 5 blocks by 6 blocks so 30 blocks in all with white sashing between the rows. The first border a row of pin wheels with another white border then a 4 inch piano key boarder and a 3.5 inch white border and finished off with a striped binding.

The back is made up of pieces of the blue fabric that I had bought for the front, some different width piano key stripes (made up of left overs from the front border including one piece that I had accidentally cut 4" instead of 4.5") and some white tone on tone as well. It looks great too.

I love it. Love it love it love it. Like my Peaceful Hearts, this one was made for me, or my house. I haven't made very many quilts for myself although I have a heap of them. These ones were planned and executed specifically for me.

Black and White with a Touch of Red- Trip Around the World.
I got all the hst blocks trimmed up whilst I was on holidays. Today at Patchwork I ironed them all. Next step is to lay them up on my design wall and then to start sewing. I saw an idea on a Facebook group I am on for handling rows. The lady used bull dog clips to hold the rows up as she sewed them and to keep them in order. I have a heap of skirt hangers that I thought would work as well. I am not looking forward to keeping track of the blocks and the rows and all that. I can get simple ones mixed up let alone complex ones. Yes I know that I need to label the rows and all that but even when I do that I can do major stuff ups. I'm just preparing myself for the "unsewing" I am going to be doing at some stage or another.

I am not sure if these classify as WIPs but I have started to plot my next couple of projects.

I want to make a jeans quilt. Yesterday at the Salvos I was able to buy women's jeans for $1 each. I grabbed 5. I could have taken more but that was a start. I have a few more bits of jeans in a box already (from when I cut off the legs of Fixit Guy's jeans to make them into shorts) so like I say... its a start. Today at Patchwork, after I finished ironing all my HST I cut the jeans up. I've saved the pockets and may do something interesting with them either on this quilt or another.

My friend Lindy (waves excitedly cause she is trying to find the blog to read it) showed me a YouTube video for a different kind of quilt. I was going to just do ye olde traditional sew the squares together and make a raggy quilt but this one is really cool. Its a bit more work but comes up with an interesting result. Its Blue Jean Quilt by Penny Halgren She makes Faux Cathedral Windows. The process is discussed on Quilt Inspiration's page

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I saw another video on Missouri Star web. Its the Disappearing Hour Glass.  I am thinking that I will make one of these for my bed. My bedroom is in greens so time to dig through my greens. I'm thinking green and cream rather than white since this quilt will get lots more wear than the one in the spare bedroom.

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  1. Congratulations on your finished quilt! It's stunning and looks beautiful on the bed! You do great work!

  2. That is a very impressive quilt!
    Re the jeans quilt, I've had in mind that I'd like to make that pattern just as shown for about a year or two and only today while op shopping and looking at the jeans decided I had too many other projects I'd rather do...until I saw your post! :D

  3. Your quilt is fabulous! The front and the back! It looks like the perfect size for the bed.

  4. The blues with white are so lovely. That will make you happy every time you pass the doorway!

  5. Beautiful quilt. I love the quilting motif, as well!

  6. Lovely quilting on your blue and white quilt! And your pieced back is cool!

  7. The quilt is stunning! Mine should look so good when I'm finished! What did you bind it with? And that Disappearing Hourglass is pulling me in too!

  8. Your blue and white DP is wonderful! Great back! You did get it big enough. I have the same problem. Whoop whoop!