Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Stash report zero in zero out

Its been a nil nil week for me (sounds like a score from World Cup Football) No finishes and no purchases. Well not NO finishes. I did finish an apron but since it was bought already made and then adapted not sure I could really count it. I did add a bit of extra fabric in an applique decoration but the grand total of that might (MIGHT) add up to 1/16th metre!!
The apron was a $2 cheap one from a dollar shop. I unpicked the pocket,

 added an applique and then reattached it higher up.

I cut 8” off the bottom of the apron,

added applique to that and then reattached it so as to make a pocket along the bottom of the apron.

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 It’s a workshop apron, one to carry the bits and pieces you need when sewing and moving between spaces – scissors, cutters, pencil, small rulers etc. So I added some wadding behind the pocket to give it some body.  I am sure it is going to be very useful. I made a few mistakes along the way but I won't detail them here. IF I ever make a better one I might do a better tutorial. The tutor at a recent workshop I attended had one and explained to us how to make it very simply. Hers was a good deal more fancy than mine.

I had hoped to have a couple of finishes this week but Teddies and Pinwheels and Twist and Disappear are both still waiting pinning and quilting.  I made some progress on Disappearing into the Blue. Currently putting the backing together for it.

I have been working on a banner for church. That has been absorbing my interest and time. There are a few blog posts about it. I am currently working out an issue I have with the dark green along the bottom but think I have a solution now. Its going to include unpicking and resewing but should mean a result I am happier with. I think that the dark green is too straight and hard. I want to integrate it a little more into the rest of the quilt and think I can do this by adding some medium and lights to the rows of dark green

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Non quilting finishes
Have had an almost finish. The family bathroom was finished off on Friday - the builders had to do a bit of work with the tiles and shower screen. 

They also finished their part of our en suite. Just waiting for Fixit Guy to paint it. He started taping it so will be able to start when we get home from our weekend away.

The big finish we had in our family was... Fixit Guy finished work. Retired Friday (see more here) Have had lots of negative comments re how that is going to cramp my style and he will always be under my feet etc. Lots of lovely positive ones as well. We know it is going to be an adjustment but looking forward to it. He has lots of projects lined up and we have plans to travel as well.

so Summary for the week and year

Used this week:                        0m
Added this week                        0m

Year to Date Used                     89.32
Year to Date added                   72.27
Net Used                                  17.05

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  1. Lovely apron, Pip! Don't listen to the neysayers, everything will be fine. Specially if he has his own things to do. Enjoy being together, I know we certainly do, even when both of us are doing our own things!