Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday Celebrate the Season

 Celebrate the Season completed 2010 (I think)

This quilt started as a block of the month quiltalong with my patchwork group. We were given the pattern for for one block each month. Well that is how it was supposed to work. I was keeping up with it that way and got satisfaction from turning up on the last week of the month or the first week of the month maybe with my finished block. However for some reason the people who were running it decided to give everyone the remaining patterns all in one hit after a few months. I did a few more but lost impetus and stopped making them. Eventually I climbed back on the horse so to speak and worked on the last few blocks I had to do and then eventually put it together and quilted it. Since its been finished it has been hung each year in our church as part of our Advent and Christmas decorations. I am pleased that the Nativity story features prominently in the blocks (even if Santa and Rudolph even more so) I have been given a lot of compliments on the quilt. I used my hand dyed fabrics predominantly, but not exclusively in the sashing around the blocks.

The details for the quilt are written on the label but the quilt is packed away at the moment with all our Christmas decorations and I am not going to drag it out just to check

This was the only time the quilt was on a bed!

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  1. Thanks for the nudge and the link up. I had to giggle at the bottom block with its three trees after what I posted! We must be on the same wavelength.

    This quilt is so cheerful and sweet - it must be a wonderful addition to your holiday decorations.

  2. I love this! Funny that they gave all the patterns at once though. Enjoyed your post on goals as well. I need to make a list and get myself in gear. With vacation coming and the girls hanging out all day, it's hard!